Antonio Warren

Who will sign Antonio Warren, us or the blue team?

Any ideas as to why he got cut?

he was always overrated.


LOL .... that's Wally

take warren then we can trade ranek for a db,kicker or a new punter.

nah dont waste on him. Hes terrible. Ranek is here to stay and so is Holmes. I see edmonton picking him up tho because they dont have a half decent backup to my knowledge

by "blue team" ill asume you mean the argo's and i'll agree that they could use him

yeh id say the argos sign him or either edmonton and sask could sue them due to not so great backups

Ockham, he was cut because he wasnt very good. he just had no rhythem. He couldnt keep going after breaking the line, couldnt block and couldnt keep his hands on the Ball. Joe Smith replaced him last game and ran for like 100 + yards.

who is joe smith anyways? was he the backup or a new guy? and how long was he on the team before they played him and wheres he from?!? so random.

What do you see in Ranek anyways? He sure hasn't done a lot for Hamilton.