Antonio Warren

Sounds like he is on the out’s with BC. I think we should sign him and cut KK. Thoughts?

signing Warren is not a bad idea IMO :wink: but cut KK and get nothing for him is wrong, i think we could get somebody for him.

this is so funny, i was out the other night watching the bc game, and i told a group of my friends the same thing. we all agreed that it could be good but he also seems to have an attitude problem. i'd like to see us go after robert edwards in free agency next year. i believe his contracts up, but im not sure.

You don't think that KK has not already been offered up as trade bait? From what I understand he has been but the rumours around the league is that he comes with way too much baggage. Have any of us heard any rumours? :lol:

I thought back in the spring that we should have signed the south dakota boy Josh Ranek... (although he is now injured), I think his heart, class and guts are what are needed now...

We have no shortage of talent, just a shortage of heart.

Jackie Mitchell let that hail mary get by him and limped off the field with a sore... something... Little boy get a "boo boo"? Personally, I think he let off a bit because he couldn't imagine a third string QB trying such a stunt and then limped off to save face...

Ricky Williams showed a lot of class sitting on the bench with a broken arm, like a man. I have really grown to respect this guy as a person.

What is it about Warren that Buono doesn't like? Could he have the same baggage as KK?

I said in another post, try to make a deal with BC-- Warren for Keith

Nobody will trade for Keith. We tried to ship him to Hamilton for KJ but that didn't happen. I haven't heard much about Warren's off field life, but I'm sure it can't be worse than KK's.

KK offered nothing for hamilton, they had their number one back in Ranek. They want Holmes for ST and to put in on passing downs to be a threat out of the backfield.

People Holmes was never traded to Hamilton so he could be there #1 RB. we wasnt the featured back here, he isnt the featured back in Hamilton.

as for trading KK for Warren, although i like warren and think that him being suspended is more the result of him not being used as he feels he should be.

I say offer Dorsey for Warren.

I am not ready to ditch KK yet, but if we were going to trade him, why not for some defense.... that is where we seem to be short. Although right now, I don't think any one in the league is short on RBs so I can't see anyone taking the trade. I mean really, who would need him? BC (no), Edm (no), Cal (no), Winn (no), Ham (no), TO (no), Mon (no).

Go Riders!!

Warren has just been released by the bc lions meaning we could sign him wihtout giving up any players. Why not give him a shot (with a pay cut) and see how he fits with our system?

I bet would HAM initially would have taken KK instead of CH for the renegade draft pick. Barrett andor Shivers really blew it. Imagine having both KJ and CH.

and whose roster spot does he take?

Bracey, Dorsey or Keith? KK is our starter, Dorsey the backup with experience and out returner and Bracey is on the practice roster (doubt Warren will want to start be there)

when did you become the GM of the Hamilton Ti-cats? well u really dont know this for a fact :roll: so you really dont if they blew it :stuck_out_tongue:

thats right. I just beleive it. Specially if Ham was primarily looking to improve at running back. The question is, did sask even try to make the deal with KK instead. I bet not. Even if they had to throw in another player or draft choice, it would have been better than giving up CH. Just the fact that they gave up CH means they blew it anyhow.

He takes KK's spot, right after we cut his sorry ass.

I always liked Warren.. I think hes a great RB as is Keith..only diff is he missed a block that lead to an assault on a QB..the other instigated an assault with a broken beer bottle...nuff said :slight_smile:

cmon Shivers wut are u waitin for :roll: sign him !!

once again. they already had ranek. why would they have wanted a second starting runningback, one with a major personality disorder, which was well known last year.

now why on gods green earth would we do that? Dorsey is our ST guy, and as far as im concerned better than KK both on and off the field. All we would have for a returner would be Jason Armstead, but i think we need solid guys (dorsey, and armstead)