Antonio Warren released by B.C.

I'm guessing nobody is surprised by the news with all the problems he and Wally have been having and Joe Smith's breakout game last week. Think any other team are going to pick Warren up?

Too early, Smith only had one good game...Warren is a solid back, he'll find a home.

If the KK thing in Sask doesnt work theres a possibility he could go there

Note to Roy Shivers-- it would be a good idea to give this guy a look. The missed block is a concentration issue, and that can be remedied. Keith has worn out his welcome in Riderville, and Warren could be a good player for the Riders.

Bad idea dumping Warren, he would have made a good slot.

well you know what happens to a player who gets traded or dumped :expressionless: they seam to play better for the next team

Perhaps, teams with injured running backs might give Warren another chance? Sad to see longtime players leave, but change can sometimes be tough. General managers are paid to make hard decisions and change whatever is necessary.

That is funny when a player is released the riderfans want the guy signed hmmm maybe your team is not great! I think he will end up in Toronto! Ricky is hurt and AVery well he is no gain Avery!

Wally is a stubborn fool! He makes stupid decisions when he gets ticked at a player! This was one of them Warren is great! He missed a block and he loses his job! Heck if that was the case with the riders they would have to release half the team. :lol:

I hope he becomes a Rider, then we could say bye bye to KK... How old is Antonio btw?

I always liked the way he played but I don't know about his attitude, just the way he played on the field which looked pretty good to me.

How many ex-Riders are on your team Mr. Know-it-all???

......three that I can think of, but none of them were 'released' by the Riders.....

that may be, but all of em are ex riders nontheless...

Unfortunately Warren was a victim of contract negotiations. Similarily cornerback Sam Young refused to sign a contract extention with the Lions. He was cut adrift for supposedly missing a tackle.

Antonio was miffed he was not offered an acceptable contract extention in the offseason. He was cut adrift for missing a block and his media protestations.

Moral of the story: Be a team guy and sign the contract Wally offers you, or your gonzo...

I expect Warren will resurface with the first CFL team who's RB suffers a injury...but he is 30 years old, an age where a lot of pro RB's start to show the wear and tear of being hit a lot. Players like George Reed and Mike Pringle were exceptions, but i wouldn't put Antonio in their class. He still looks to have something left though IMO.

Wonder why Wally didnt try trading him, maybe he did and couldnt get a roll of tape for him.

It's to bad Wally cut him. He's still a good player . I think we upgraded with Joe Smith but we still could have used Antonio. Coming out the BC training camp many observers thought Warren might have been beat out by JS , over at most everyones pretty high on Joe Smith but disappointed in Warren being run out.
As for his contract extension that he never got , AW thought he was the best RB in the league and his salary should reflect that. That I disagree with Invader . He was asking to much back then and now that's come back to bite him , he wasn't the best in the league.

He will re-surface with another team , he's good enough for that.

Probably in Ottawa or Halifax... :wink: