Antonio Warren & Dahrran Diedrick

Both of these excellent athletes were available, yet the front office neglected them and showed no love at obtaining these players. Obviously katz and paopao know nothing about smashmouth football, because these blue collar players would fit in well in steeltown.


with ranek and radlein the cats have one of my favorite tandems in the league. however with a poor rest of the offense they get neutralized.

Both of these players were cut because they were no longer good enough. We need to bring in players that are on their way up, not down.

isnt warren still up for grabs>?

Ranek isnt "smashmouth" ??

Between Ranek and Holmes we have loads of talent at RB. If the team chose to use them correctly they could be our version of thunder and lightning.

Both of our current guys are way better than the two you suggested. Warren doesn't even have a team right now, and he's been available for a while.

ranek is too small for smashmouth football, holmes should be used only as a slot receiver and special teams returner, ranek is overrated, how many caucasian RBs have you guys seen dominate in the modern era?

Gee playmaker, your last racist comment got deleted, time for this one to disappear too...

Apparently playmaker you think that this is an nfl team. You want us to play smashmouth football where I assume you want us to plough our RB into the line for 3 yards and a cloud of dust. You've also made references to teams using tight ends and the cover 2 defence; both crappy ideas in the CFL. Get off your love affair with the NFL and the way NFL teams play their games. Canadian football is so much different and can't be played the same way.

Im not blaming Katz for not signing those 2 players because the cats have Ranek,Holmes & Davis. I will take Ranek over Warren anyday and Diedrick got cut from Edmonton because he wasnt happy with his playing time. Diedrick signed with Montreal I believe and Warren Is still avaliable, but Im happy Katz didnt go after neither one of them, probally the only smart move by Katz this season.