Antonio Warren Cut.. what the heck?

Why cut someone that you signed in November? what a waste of time and money..

Firstly the Eskimos DID NOT waste any money, as CFL contracts are not guaranteed, and therefore not paid until the player has actually played some games. The only money the Eskimos did lose would have been his signing bonus(if he did indeed get one) which would have been very insignificant IMO.

He was released for 1 of two reasons:

  1. Something happened between the Eskimos and Antonio Warren behind the scenes(some sort of dispute).
  2. Since November much has changed with the Eskimos roster(FA signings, releases, etc.). The Eskimos are at the very limit for players to bring into camp, so maybe the Eskimos felt as though they were set at RB and needed to clear space for more competition at another position(LB, OL,).

Either way it's no loss, Warren most likely would have not made the team as an RB, and instead as a PR/KR(even this would have been unlikely IMO). Maybe the Esks feel confident that they will re-sign Tompkins, or are good with Zeigler for PR/KR.

Rumour has it Chapdelaine didn't like him in BC so when he went to Edmonton, he must have convinced Machocia to cut him.

Does that time-line make sense? Did they sign Warren before Chapdelaine?

Yup they did. That theory makes sense and could certianly be possible.

I was a little curious about this as well, but I guess what you guys said makes sense. I just hope we make the playoffs this year. :stuck_out_tongue:

When they signed Warren, I think they were starting to stockpile players heading into this season. As it progressed they were able to sign Ranek as well and still had Troy Davis.

I would imagine that as the depth chart began to take shape they made a concious decision to go with Ranek as their RB. I'm sure that the SMS had something to do with the decision as well.