Antonio Brown Walks Off (NFL)

Yup , sure , good luck with that . :roll_eyes: :laughing:


Yup this guy is done... And the NFL will no longer provide help in the legal Dept.


I concur. And I figure between all the fuss and following my initial defence of Brown on grounds off the field for his mental health not his actions, well like many I see a bunch of truths and lies by all sides for a relationship that it sounds to me was not meant to be and already well off course.

In retrospect this feels like that couple you know or had known (or perhaps a past relationship) that in looking at the chain of events (including much of what we don't know via the locker room and meeting rooms well before that day), this one hardly surprises us and to be fair I figure a few saw it coming too (I didn't I will admit figuring he was evaluated thoroughly and reformed for the better to his credit, but to little avail).

Also I agree not only with Tony Dungy that beyond Brown getting help, on which almost everybody agrees, not only should not other teams sign him now but given the legal minefield clearly at hand I am hardly the only one to go a step further - I don't see any team signing him ever again.

He is not irreplaceable and perhaps some owner in a lapse of judgement will take yet another flyer on a long-shot in a future year, but short of such a bad business decision, nope it's not happening now.

I agree and though Brown has apparent serious mental issues on top of a rash of intentionally criminal or rule-breaking actions (one recent one was a fake COVID card, but how I did not hear about also that versus in other sports confounds me but that's probably another thread on the NFL and American media), a credible court and jury will hold him accountable for the consequences of all actions and weigh the strength or weakness of his character into all decisions - as they should in most any decent, modern court (and of course there's yet another thread beyond that in digression).


I think the union will fight this tooth and nail and they should imo

Was his ankle healed? Does a player have a right to dispute what medical officials claim.

Arians seems to be saying...." Injury ....I don't know anything about and an anle injury "
AB seems to be saying that it's still not healed"

This injury has kept the player out since October.

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I agree with most of what you said, but not the part about there being a “bunch of truths and lies”, by all sides.

There is no evidence of that. Brown appears to be on an island here. The Bucs have come out to a man and denied that Brown said anything about being injured to anyone. If it was just Brady supporting this I might be suspicious, given the lack of honesty shown by him during inflategate, but it’s not. He’s even tried to throw Brady under the bus now by saying they were friends in Tom’s eyes only because of his super duper receiving abilities. It seems abundantly clear that it is Brown’s mental health issues that are the sole cause of everything. Unless new evidence surfaces, I will continue to assume that it was one of the birds flying around his head that he was trying to swat on his way off the field that told Antonio to say what he is saying.

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Three sides to every story IMO. One side, the other and the truth.


Certainly most of the time, but I just don’t see it here. Antonio has no one to blame but himself. This point is emphasized by him when he refuses to take any blame. So he would not agree with what you said either.

Although I suppose it is possible, I find it hard to believe in today’s woke and liability filled world, that a player who complained of an injury would not be examined. Further, if that examination found there to be an injury serious enough to sit that player, I cannot imagine that the coach and management would ignore that recommendation. If that had actually happened, why wouldn’t Brown simply refuse to dress and march right off to his lawyer/agent’s office, rather than prance off in spectacle shortly after letting it be known the ball wasn’t coming to him enough?

Brown might thrive in an individual sport where he would fit right in with the “look at me” attitude of say a Jokevic, but he doesn’t belong on a team and he appears to have ensured that will permanently be the case.

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Pickle ball perhaps?!

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Do you guys think it is possible that a player who's been out for 2 months with a bad ankle could come back and still not feel ready even tho medical personnel have cleared him ?Does that never occur? How is it possible for a coach not to have known he has been injured. Forget all his other transgressions. That's is what is happening here I think. I think that Arians was frustrated here and angry. In retrospect I bet he just wishes he walked away from AB and cut him at seasons end.

I will stick to my three sides to the story.

And as for Arians, my guess is he wished he had let him go at the time of the "fake" vaccine passport announcement.


I think the scenario you suggest is very possible and may be what happened. But if he was hurt why didn’t he simply not dress? The sudden injury when he thought he wasn’t being used enough is likely all in his head, where the real injury resides. I am sure Arians was frustrated and angry. He was in the midst of trying to coach a team of adults and one baby in an important game his team was losing at the time. In the 20/20 view of hindsight I expect he wishes Brown never joined the team. Arians is in the toughest position of all the players in this scenario. We don’t know whether he was even that interested in taking on Brown and his baggage in the first place. It is clear that Brady has been his biggest supporter and I wouldn’t be surprised if Arians and management took him on because Brady wanted him there.

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I'm with you here though I did not know about that until later and missed any associated reporting when that happened.

Arians has to be kicking himself for being lenient after that given their agreement of no tolerance for hijinks, and Brown went above and beyond to do that.

Arians bears plenty of more blame to even be in this position as well and should get no pass as far as I see it as well.

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Just seems like everywhere AB has been, there is an issue.


I am not suggesting that Arians should have no blame. As a result of his position he has responsibility. But realistically, what could he have done differently? If the #1 producer in your business comes to you and says that they will perform even better if you give them a certain assistant, it is virtually impossible to say no to that.

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This take is spot on....


Don’t know who the guy in the video is but an excellent take. If anyone has the time and is interested, I highly recommend a watch, but it is 30 minutes long. The video goes through all the relevant evidence on both sides with numerous clips including Brown in an Uber after leaving the stadium and shows texts between Arians and Brown the week prior to the game. I won’t say any more as I don’t want to spoil it for anyone that wants to watch it, other than it would be difficult to make an informed post on the situation without watching this.

Good find Welder!