Antonio Brown Walks Off (NFL)

Strips off his jersey and walks out on team during 3rd quarter
Lots of drama coming

Video here

"Brady, Arians and the entire Bucs organization took the tack of enabling Brown at every turn, creating an alternate reality in which he was accountable for nothing. Until Sunday, that is. Brown stripped down shirtless in the third quarter of the game against the Jets, left the stadium early and hitched a ride home himself. Leaving midgame is far from Brown’s most serious misconduct over the last few years; it was the last straw because it was the one act that directly affected the Bucs on the field."

His third quarter hissy fit will no doubt inspire many songs and epic writings.


Don't worry, Chris Jones is on the case!
Antonio Brown should be an Elk by Tuesday!!! lol


Sadly the league won't let it happen. Even for comedic purposes. My money's on Antonio Brown teaming up with 'The Rock' sometime this summer to usher in a brand new (and improved) XFL that absolutely will not fail... until it does when Brown gets tossed in the clink for sex crimes.


Hi All,

First, let me say...Happy New Year to you all.

Second, Brown is a million dollar talent with a five cent brain. Dude needs A WHOLE BUNCH of help....

Go Bombers (AKA The Champs)!


Yesterday upon seeing that scene, like some I saw things differently. For some including for me, this was the first time seeing things differently.

Note that on the field I have always cheered against Brown, for I am a fan of the Eagles and we don't forget certain folks. But now I cheer for the recovery off the field for a man who clearly needs a whole lot more help.

It should be clear to all including the critics that the issues are well beyond the field, and we do not even know the whole recent story though of course you might know some of his recent history and what he's had to overcome to just make to to a uniform. It should be obvious there is a whole lot more that remains unresolved off the field.

Brown is hardly unique in these regards though attached to public figure status as a professional athlete. There is likely somebody like this whom you know or at work minus the outburst (yet).

Indeed Brown was involved in a serious crime and has had to pay the price for all that too beyond all lost with his playing income and brand (many do not recall that he had lucrative endorsements). When you commit a crime or are associated with one, you don't ever get to recover your reputation in full whether or not that is fair even decades later.

He's taken responsibility. No one person declared him fit to return or play but rather many, many professionals, and those are all people who know him and players with issues better than any of us unless you happen to have been involved in his recovery and improvement too.

As Brady noted quite well, there is more to the story here well beyond the field even after the progress he made to improve himself, and Brown needs help obviously.

I felt for Brown this time and choose to not judge but support his improvement.

The last thing we need to hear is yet another great player leaving us too early.

Brown indeed did some bad things off the field in his time and owned up to them. He has paid dearly, and likely he continues to pay, for those mistakes before yesterday.

And I do not doubt there is much haunting him we do not know, but as Brady commented, he can and will get some help again beyond the field where he clearly needs it not as a football player but as a human being, which as should and do many who do not become professional athletes.


Well said.

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Interesting. But pure BS. I was waiting for the excuse du jour.


I take no issue with your comments and those of several others that Brown is ill and needs help and as a result invokes some sympathy. But to say he has taken responsibility for the myriad of bizarre actions he has exhibited and the harm he has caused to others is simply not true.

The article from SI attached to a post above in fact shows that the opposite is true. He has taken virtually no responsibility for anything he has done and the Bucs, and Brady in particular, have enabled these less than laudable denials. He recently appeared on a radio show and blamed the media for him using a fake vaccination card and being a danger to those around him. What bunk! He has shown no insight into his various transgressions and always blamed other people and factors other than himself. I think they call this not hitting rock bottom yet and if one thinks that may be the case now, think again. He just blamed an imaginary injury for his actions yesterday. Even his biggest enablers in the TB organization aren’t buying that.

And Brady is certainly no bastion of credibility or integrity. I never believe anything he says. While he may be the GOAT on the field, his actions and statements off the field over the years have been questionable at best. Remember that he obstructed the inflate gate investigation by intentionally destroying his cell phone records and being generally uncooperative. As a result it is reasonable to assume that he was the main perpetrator behind inflate gate. We therefore know that he has been dishonest before.

Brown obviously needs help and hopefully he recovers from whatever ails him. At least his latest narcissistic stunt didn’t harm anyone but the Bucs, who arguably deserved it as a result of looking the other way far too often and for far too long. The same can’t be said for the delivery driver he attacked or the woman who accused him of rape. If he still thinks he has done nothing wrong, ever, perhaps society needs to be protected from him until he gets it and before he does nothing wrong to another innocent third party.


…thing is, the coaches are saying the same thing, but from their angle. Arians said he wanted to get brown back into the game and AB resisted, and then quit…so it’s not really an excuse-du-jour, it appears legit

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It's possible that he is suffering from bipolar disorder, which of course is a serious mental health disorder, according to some of his fans:


Is AB having mental issues?



I am not questioning that this is what Brown said to Arians, but am questioning his representation that he suddenly had a debilitating injury. That I believe was in his head. In these lawsuit conscious times, presumably the Bucs training and medical staff would be obligated to check him out thoroughly and could find nothing wrong with him. This isn’t the good old days of “head still attached, in you go”. Today you hear about injured players wanting to play in the face of medical advice to the contrary and not disclosing injuries so that they can play, but never any longer about injured players being forced into action by a coach against medical advice. That would also be long term detrimental to the team, unless it was the last game of the season.

There is at least so far no evidence he was injured. His arms, legs and torso all looked fine when he was engaged in his sideline shenanigans and when trotting off the field like a thoroughbred.


A more appropriate headline would probably be “What are Antonio Brown’s mental health issues?”

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This final quote is funny in retrospect
Did you see AB has now decided he wants to be a rapper? He released his newest single after the walk out

The bipolar or mental issue is seriously becoming a legitimate concern


…just read that he was listed in the injury report…maybe a game-time decision?

I mean good for him. If he didn't feel right shouldn't be forced back into the game.

Corps continue to tread on bodily autonomy

My money is on him signing with the Argos

Don’t know about that. Maybe. Although injury reports are pretty sketchy these days. I am sure we will hear lots more on that in the days to come, but whether we hear anything useful or definitive is another question.

One thing for sure, injured or not, there was no call for the sideline antics and disruptive royal exit. Even Brady couldn’t save him from the consequences of that.

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