Anton McKenzie

Before the season it was this. Who can replace Reggie Hunt? After 2 games I think this. His name is Anton McKenzie. He has been great. Cates to. Love this little Dressler to.

Welcome to the Mckenzie bandwagon...always room for one more,,,!!

I too am liking what im seeing from Dressler.
Or should i call him by his new nickname?
The Un-Dressler!!!!!!!

For all the "Crap" ET gets for player moves, he seems to bring in players that can play!! Anton McKenzie....oops....thanks Roy!!

Meet Anton when he brought the cup up north were i was living at the time and you couldn't meet a nicer more humble guy and he was disappointed that he couldn't do more last year but was super excited to prove he can play....

thats a dangerous combo for the other team...i wish him all the best and can't wait to see what he can do

I figured he would probably be fine there.

I still question releasing T.J. Stancil not a fan of Lucas on the other side.

Go cheer for BC! Your smart ass BS stuff is old. Real old. Roy brought in a lot of good players. ET has to. Who cares if you are really what you say you are? A Riders fan. Not a Shivers fan. But tell us this Arius. Since YOU always want to say Riders are Roys team. Who got us these players? Cates. Dressler. Flick. Frazier. Chick. Dressler. Bowman. January. Smith. Abou. Palmer. And more. These coaches? Like Coach Austin. Coach Miller. A lot in 1 year.

The Lions are 0 and 2. What players has Shivers brought to the Lions in 1 year?

Do this Arius. Support Miller and Tillman. Or go cheer for the Lions.

Oh relax austin. He is just giving credit where it is due, Shivers did bring in Mckenzie. He never said anything else

I too am not fully impressed with Sean Lucas ( as of yet ).. the times i've been dis-satisfied, he's been in posistion but his hips were turned and thus the ball carrier had a few steps on him. im sure this will come with more experience though...

Anton I was questioning at the start of the season. but i havn't really seen him slip up, nor have i caught him outa posistion. I'm quite impressed with him so far and thinking he's taking over that spot nicely :slight_smile:

Kitwana is steping up very nicely too.

I am just not sure if Kitwana is big enough to play end, I guess it remains to be seen giving him a starting spot and letting him work with it and see what we get. Our line does need to start getting some more pressure back there I think we only have 2 sacks at the moment and are at the bottom of the league in the sack department.

2 sacks and 2 wins