Antoine Pruneau

Antoine Pruneau a eu plusieurs fois la difficile tâche de couvrir S. J. Green lors du premier affrontement entre lesAlouette et le Rouge et Noir, et je dois dire que le jeune a montré beaucoup de panache dans son travail.

La qualité de ses couvertures a fait que Green a reçu moins que sa part d'offrandes de Crompton, et c'est tout à l'honneur du Rouge et Noir d'avoir pu préparer un jeune si vite dans cet aspect de son travail. Il est à mon sens un gars avec qui il faudra continuer de bâtir cette équipe.

He really is looking to be an awesome player. Redblack's got the guy they wanted in the draft and was able to get an experienced center. All the questions about the draft day trade are being answered

I am really impressed with Pruneau. He doesn't seem to have the typical Linebacker body type, but heck, he is fast, strong and plays a key role in the Defense. He is present in pretty much every play and I'm not missing TJ Hill at all.

The other kid I've been following is Hugo Desmarais, I think he can really help the O Line and give Hank some time.

See you all on TD Place :slight_smile:


Absolutely. Pruneau has all the skills to play that hybrid coverDB/LB that the SAMLB spot has evolved into with the 5 wide sets. Fast and Strong for the outside LB spot able to blitz the QB and able to cover SB like a HB.

Desmarais coming from that LAVAL system of Olineman that go 3 deep almost at every oline spot every year. The Quebec Province schooling system has the football development mirror it. HS till 11th grade. 3years of college CEGEP. then up to 5 years through University. With great coaching at all three levels as well as a lot of education. Players come out much more mature, not only age wise at around 25 but also very well educated.
I agree he is definitely a great piece for the REDBLACKS future Oline with Deane and injured Eppele hitting their prime. He and fellow rookie MacMillan form a great Canadian base to build on. The Q is pumping out olineman and Ottawa will now be challenging Montreal for their services coming through future Free Agent markets etc.

Pruneau as well benefited from the extended years of education which has really enabled him to pick up the pro game very quickly at probably the hardest position in the CFL.
What he has been able to do taking about that first 6 game block of games and develop so quickly into a starting SAMLB at about the beginning of the block the middle six games. Has been incredible.
Scary to think that he will likely be even better down the stretch of the last six game block.
Already a top the list of rookies for rookie of the year.

Veteran Chip Cox in Montreal and Hamilton's Rico Murray, an NFL experienced transplant, may be the only two that may be better at this point. Murray also picked up the SAMLB spot very quickly since coming to the CFL.
with the LB positions all being lumped together in all star voting should be changed to each specific position.
If that were the case Pruneau would be challenging both pro football import veteran's for EAST and CFL all star first or second team as SAMLB spot.

Another great game for the youngster last night with 5 more tackles and loads of pressure throughout the night :thup:

If only we could some points on the board :frowning:

Pruneau might get so good the NFL will come offering him the big bucks. He has the speed and size to play the corner or maybe free safety down there.
Ottawa seems to be operating out of Murphy's Law so far this year. If there is a way to lose a game they will find it. But they have some good building blocks in place. Some good young Canadian's with a chance to get a couple more good ones in the up coming draft. The imports are out there, it just takes a while to find all the right pieces to go with the keepers they have now. The guys they are extending like RB Walker, DT Williams etc. are building blocks for the future. I like Simmons at LB and a couple of the DB's Jones and Robinson. I don't think they will be offering their present receiving core big money extensions, but Miles and Henry may be ok as 3rd and 4th receivers. They need the big home run guy like a Fred Stamps, but they are a little harder to find and keep.


That is the only issue with a player like Pruneau, that he would get too good and the NFL will come calling. Henoc Muamba is the perfect example. Like Muamba Pruneau at the very least would be a top Teams player with any NFL club. Not to mention his speed on defense making him a great safety. To play CB or Nickel back against an NFL slot is a whole other level. look at all of the great import cover DBs in the CFL. Hard to stick on an NFL roster for too long.

Right now balancing winning now and giving younger players more of a chance to develop as starters has become hard to balance for Ottawa.
At the receiver spot it is hard to pry away a top receiver in Free Agency from another club. Finding a diamond in the rough young receiver Canadian or import (NFL, NCAA, or AFL) who can blow it out of the water like Ellingson in Hamilton, Williams hamilton, Mathews Winnipeg are tough to find. As well they have other veteran rec with the club.

What Ottawa was able to get was Lavoi and Ellingson as HBack/TEs and Walker at RB. Even before Walker got hurt, there were, are, and will be better import RBs that they could and still are available that could have and still can be big offensive weapons on the ground and in the air.
Finding a big play receiver that Burris can click with will likely not happen this season but a ball control move the chain offense with the TEs and other RB options.

Also being able to sneak out two of those close games giving them 3 wins instead of just one gets a different feel.
Still making some player and position transitions during these middle 6 games could sort itself out for better results down the final 6 games

You guys have some good Canadian talent. Shologan and Evans at DT, Capicciotti and Williams at DE, Pruneau at SLB.

The Ottawa front office did a fantastic job with all of the drafts. Mentioning the D lineman, building the club from the O and Dlines out was the plan and they really nailed it. Recently signing the 3rd of 4 redshirt Juniors from 2013 DE Kashama. I would expect to see him securing a National roster spot and jumping right on teams. He is a true rush DE so he could hit the rotation as well.

Often when a trade takes place fans look for which team "won" it, but in this case both teams got something to work with anmd it sounds like the individual players got what they wanted too. Everybody wins. :thup:

I agree 100%. For Pruneau and the REDBLACKS it is great that he is able to play within the region where he has starred and has grew up. He should grow as one of the faces of the franchises defense which is great for everyone involved.
Besides most likely seeing a nice contract very soon he should be able to also benefit from regional endorsements and Perks.
He along with other great players coming out of Quebec should really expand the viewers from Quebec to follow more than just Montreal on RDS. Especially during the playoffs and Grey Cup games that do not involve the ALS. With more and more players coming out of Quebec and the Q conference, especially not just Laval but Cariban's, Sherby, and others as well starring across the league at high profile positions. Like LB/DB on defense and receivers on offense are really starting to grow in the pro's

And Gott, too, whom I believe was open to moving here because his girlfriend is from the area. Fans have enjoyed him a great deal.

Probably no need to go over Kevin Glenn's story. :wink:

Glenn is an interesting situation. Burris certainly gave Ottawa the face they needed to market the team and he has been a great at being available to do anything and everything off the field. As well he is still a top QB. I would wonder though if Glenn may have been a better fit on the field. Glenn's Journeyman career has him more experienced in adapting to new situations very quickly with many receivers.
His regular season success continues in BC now.
I know the Ottawa receivers have also dropped a lot of balls and none have been full time starters prior to this season. Glenn's experience has had him working with these type of receivers as a back up at times as well as the starting groups.
What is done is done and Ottawa has really done a tremendous job overall. Some receivers are having levels of success and will be better in year two. I can also see some step up in the 3rd block of six games.
What is great about the Ottawa staff is that they have a solid plan in place with already a lot of piecing falling into place. They already identified the receiver position as one that needs more attention. I have no doubt that through free agency and other avenues that it will round out nicely for the start of year 2

For a while, I've been saying that Marcus Henry needs to have the light come on and become one of the best. Physically, he seems to have it all.

But he's actually tied for 3rd in receptions and 5th in yards. In spite of the amount of drops he's had, he hasn't been a bad acquisition, but you can't help but expect more from him. He seems to make a lot of mental mistakes.

Big dropoff after him though. :thdn:

He did play well in EDM but was the 4th import playing a lot in place of injured starters Bowman, Koch, or Stamps. Going from that to a #1 or #2 type receiver is a jump. Kierre Johnson similar in BC days. If both are healthy and back next season better comfort as a starter. The kid from Queens was a nice selection. part of the new wave of Canadian receivers at 6'5" are developing a lot faster than the era of Carter.
Can any of these guys become a top #1/#2 type receiver only some time will tell.

Way to go, lad...

Ottawa REDBLACKS defensive back Antoine Pruneau was named Canadian Player of the month for October. From Weeks 15 to 18, Pruneau registered 22 tackles, a sack and a special teams tackle in the REDBLACKS’ four games.

Pruneau, a native of Montreal, Quebec, had a breakthrough performance in a Week 17 away game against the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. The first-year player recorded nine tackles, a sack and a special teams tackle in a 16-6 losing effort.

The product of the University of Montreal has had a strong rookie campaign for the REDBLACKS. The fourth overall selection from the 2014 draft has accumulated 62 tackles on the year – good for second on the team. He is tied for third on the team with 10 special teams tackles and his pair of sacks is tied for fifth.

This is the first award of Pruneau’s career.

Is it? I thought he won something earlier in the year, but maybe it's talk of Pruneau being recognized as a top rookie this year that's throwing me off. Anyway... :thup:

Il va sans dire que je suis très content de cet honneur pour Antoine Pruneau. Il fait partie de ces joueurs d'avenir que le Rouge et Noir peut être fier d'aligner, et d'avoir mis sur le terrain dès cette saison.

C'est toujours intéressant de voir de jeunes canadiens s'amener à leur année recrue et briller à des positions habituellement occupées par des américains. Ça montre que le CIS produit de très bons joueurs et que leur nombre va en augmentant. Le dernier repêchage a été assez intéressant de ce côté.

Les performances de Pruneau montrent aussi que le personnel d'entraîneurs du Rouge et Noir à la défensive fait un bon travail. Cette équipe est un peu victime de sa jeunesse présentement, mais elle a un personnel d'entraîneurs qui pourra la faire progresser. Il faut surtout avoir la patience et l'indulgence pour leur donner le temps de rendre ce projet à terme, en appuyant cette nouvelle équipe.

La fiche du Rouge et Noir n'est pas représentative de la qualité de cette équipe et je crois que bien des gens vont s'en rendre compte dans les saisons qui vont suivre. J'ai hâte à une nouvelle course à 4 dans la division Est de la LCF.

I agree 100% with this statement, the season was not bright by all means, but the future is. :smiley:

Likewise. My concern, in fact, is more of over-reaction. It's easy to just look at a 2-win record and decide that the whole thing should be blown up, but you need to give people a chance to grow into their role. Even our head coach is a rookie, really.

That's not to say that there isn't room for improvement, but you don't want to overdo it and go to far the other way.

Ottawa does have a plan to build the team from the lines out.
Pruneau is leading the way on the defense in expanding the Dline to the LB corp and a front seven. The Dline has lead the way with many young Nationals.
Key additions while the during the season were signing Munoz when he became available after he was released by the NFL. Playing Will LB in Edmonton means he will not be vying for Pruneau's position as SAM LB / Dime Back. Another rookie In International Brown. has also adapted very quickly to pro football. Jasper Simmons is also having a good season but Munoz is just better. It does not mean they have to dump Simmons With the Mike and Will LB positions being very similar in the Modern CFL with the Sam LB really being a DB.
Munoz experience will help the young LB crew same as Sholo has with the line