Antoine Bagwell

Here is some background information on running back Antoine Bagwell, who was signed to the Ticat development roster today:

  1. Bagwell's bio as posted on the Winnipeg Blue Bombers website (Note Bagwell tried out for the Bombers this year but was released):

"Bagwell was one of the top running backs in the history of NCAA Division II football. He rushed for 3,353 yards and 45 TDs in just two seasons as a member of the California University Falcons.

A two-time PSAC Player of the Year, Bagwell finished his senior season leading the team with 186 carries for 1,588 yards and 21 TDs. He also had 28 catches for 420 yards and four TDs as a receiver that season. His junior season totals included 246 rushes for 1,765 yards and 20 TDs.

Bagwell attended training camp with the NFL's St. Louis Rams in 2006 and the Philadelphia Eagles in 2005.

''Antoine Bagwell is a solid prospect and will bear watching during training camp,'' G.M. Brendan Taman said."

  1. The link to Bagwell's draft profile as posted on the Sports Illustrated website:
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Great another RB Who won't take a Hit..
Upright Running backs get hurt Cause of there Style of Running.Look at Jesse.

Good back but Hurt too much cause of his running Style

Eric Dickerson was an upright RB

One of how many ..

Upright Running Gets you hurt.

Unless he blows the doors off the coaching staff I would think he's just going to be a body in case of injury for the rest of the season.

Where does it say he can't take a hit?

And upright running gets you hit, I agree, but Jesse's 6'2" upright running is a lot taller than Bagwell's 5'10" upright running.

Plus, Bagwell's shoulers are both intact!

I'm just sayin'

  • paul