? An-ti-cipaaaation. ? it time for kickoff yet?

How about now!
Is it time now?

Oh boy oh boy oh boy!
I'm soooo excited I think I soiled myself!

Let the games begin!



Only 17 and a half hours until Kickoff!!!!

Lets get it on!!!!

Bring on the kitty cats!!!!!!


Stampederville...I've got you guys picked to win tomorrow night... you had better not disappoint!

And I have you guys beating Montreal, so you better not disappoint, either! :stuck_out_tongue:

I;m hoping we have a good game! I've got us squeaking by with a win maybe by 2 or 3!

Chief...I've got an Esks win for Saturday too!! Go #48!!!

I really want to see the Lions Stamps game.
Could possibly be the best opening game.
Bombers Argos being next.

Go Bombers!!!!

I haven’t slept all night! Every time I closed my eyes I was seeing Tigers mauling football players. I’m so excited! :rockin:

10~ish hours... BAHHH can't we just kickoff yet?... breaths into a paper bag its ok, i've waited this long, just a bit longer...

I have them winning, too. :smiley:

It feels like Christmas Day! Let's get this party started

This thread was supposed to be about the mini-me sex tape.

Too late's SHOWTIME!!

OH man, my favorite day of the year. I love teh CFL. Can't wait.

Feel so good to have football again. Either the CFL needs to start early, or the NFL needs to start later. Five months off is just cruel!