Anti-NFL thread

I guess I can’t say anything negative about NFL in a "pro"NFL posts. Although some people can crap all over the CFL where and whenever they want. I will see how long this post stays up before some pro NFL poster gets “offended” and cries to have it removed. All hail the National Felon League!!!

as I said in the other thread

there is a difference between being critical about an aspect for the purpose of wanting improvement and simply dissing the whole thingfor the sake of dissing.

Not anti NFL but I am anti kneeling , anti fair catch - no run backs on punts and anti World Championship chanting .

they do run back some punts it they think they have time to catch and start running.

world championship is more a USA thing than specifically NFL.

CFL also does kneeling.

what I am not fond of is when punt returners just walk away from the ball and the other team is allowed to touch it. no onside recover by the punting team to keep the ball.

I use to LOVE the NFL but now I am indifferent to it.

Say whatever you want. Your opinion should not be skewered depending on the subject.

My one word opinion of the NFL is 'BORING'.

So much hype over a BORING game.

Agree. If it wasn't for gambling, the amount of NFL fans would drop like a stone.

NFL is great football but I just find with so many teams and the way most games play out, they are boring, on average to CFL games.

…the nice thing about boring NFL games I find is because there’s very little allegiance to most of the teams I’ve got no problem switching it off…not the same for the CFL (unless it’s really boring)…

Are you saying CFL games are boring?

On average, I find CFL games more interesting but I have more of a vested interest in the CFL game and Grey Cup with much fewer teams and I know the players more. But I’m sure “NFL only counts fans” would say despite so many NFL teams the games in the NFL are more interesting.

Personal outlook that’s all. I don’t care who wins the Super Bowl but I really do care how the CFL pans out each year and who wins the Grey Cup.

Fair enough. It’s just the way you said :

“NFL is great football but I just find with so many teams and the way most games play out, they are boring, on average to CFL games.”

… it sounded like you were saying the CFL was boring.

…I think he meant to put ‘compared’ between average and to…

Fair enough. That makes sense. :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of the CFL, NFL and NCAA but moreso a fan of the Cats, Irish and the Bills. When Notre Dame, the Bills or the Cats are playing a lousy or a boring game I usually try to stick with it. If really bad though I will eventually bail.

I’m quicker to bail when watching other teams’ games in any league. The difference being with the NFL 1:00PM and 4:00PM Sunday games - or with an NCAA game - my bail move is usually to another more interesting game on at the same time in the same league.

When I bail on a CFL game - since no other CFL games are on at the same time - I’m basically bailing on the league for that time slot…

Yep that's what it is ; hate the fair catch rule and also seeing players surround a football to down it . It's the worst of the worst play in the NFL . There punts and kicking game stinks with non athletic plays .

I don't see any CFL guys kneeling to protest our anthem ?

The USA does the world champs thing but not for the NHL Stanley Cup . Our influence there .

The NFL thing rubs me worse because we weren't invited to play but we could say the same thing here we are world champs of Canadian Rules Football ; so there's that .

I also watch the NFL and enjoy games for what it's worth . I Just try to ignore any politics and the punting scared stiff rules .

silly me, I thought it was in reference to kneeling to run out the clock :-[

…I find the running clock at the end of the game worse…the ability for teams to just run the clock out so the other team has no chance of a comeback is terrible…how many times have we seen coaches on the field shaking hands and the clock still has like 30 seconds on it and the score is a two point difference…,

That's another one for sure especially in the last few minutes they are allowed to kill way too much time off the clock . It's a big shortcoming for National league .

One thing the CFL does have is unpredictability and no lead is safe . They make you
play the game to the end and force you to protect your lead with offence killing the clock with first downs .

On the other hand in the CFL - particularly on a REALLY windy day - I don’t like the idea of the rules for the clock being different for the last 3 minutes of the 3rd quarter compared to the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter. There can be as many as double digit extra plays squeezed in in the last 3 minutes of the 4th quarter because of the different clock rules giving the team with the wind that advantage.

Just from a timing rules fairness perspective - there is something wrong with that IMO. The whole idea of switching sides so that each team can have the wind the same amount of time is done to be fair.

I get that it means a team down by 2 or even 3 scores going into the last 3 minutes still have a shot because of the different clock rules and because of that keeps people watching - but just from a truly fairness perspective - it fails that test IMO