Anti Cheap-Shot rule

It's time the league implemented a rule that says, if a player is injured due to a cheap shot and the injured player is out of the game for a down, a quarter, a game, a season, whatever that time is, the offending player is suspended until the injured player is deemed fit to return to the game.

This thread is not pointing fingers because most teams from time to time have had players injured due to this - or have had one of their players injure an opposing player.

Quite simply, if a player is injured and there was either a flag or league review, the cheap shot artist sits until his victim comes back.

You see it quite often when a team is getting blown out, that the team on the losing end gets frustrated and starts the rough stuff. If it meant that you could lose your privelidge to play, maybe some guys would think twice before playing dirty and malicious.

Just call it the Fred Perry rule.

LOL Theres a lot more players that are a lot more dirty than Fred Perry, he just plays hard until the end of the whistle

I'm just playin with ya. I like Fred Perry as a player, hard-nosed guy and is good for the CFL. I just think he has to be a little more careful on the head-shots.

Roar lions roar, I am the first to always critisize the riders if they have done something that was illegal or dirty, that quote of yours is pure crap.
Did you even see the hit, it happened as Dickenson, whom i have met and do like, threw the ball. It was inches from his fingers as perry hit him. not to mention that as he threw the ball, dave dropped his head and unfortunately got hit in the chin with fred's helmet.
watch how the rest of the hit occurs, because if you are watching you will see how he lead the tackle with his chest, and yes it was chest on chest, wrapped him up and took him down. Text book tackle. Just unfortunately happens to be your no. 1 guy. Hey you know what, I'd be pissed to but football is a contact sport.
Was it a hard hit, you bet, was it dirty no way.
Dickenson's follow through is partly responsible for it as well.
Nothing I hate more than a bad looser, except a terrible winner.
You blow us out in our back yard and still find things to complain about. I have to say that I am somewhat disappointed.
I have a lot of respect for the lions and their fans but this takes the cake.
Get over it , lick whatever wounds you have, heal up, because you are not going to see a similar outcome the next time these two teams clash
You heard it here first.
Just my two cents.

I agree. I got a concussion playing hockey and have never played again. This was 3 years ago. The offender was suspended for 2 games. What a joke.

WHO HAW! That really sounds good. You have been Perried!

yay, new new thread to partake in! /dance :smiley:

I cant disagree with riderstewy more.

From the slo mo video in "The hit on DD!" thread you see Daves head come into the scene (at second 42) and it is at the straight ahead position looking at what I can only assume is the intended reciever as he throws. The First movement from his head comes from contact with Perry (the now infamous second 36 :wink: where daves head is jarred a bit up and to his right. There is absolutely no dip in his head of any measurable amount, if someone sees a dip in the vid, please tell me which second it occurs!

In second 36 (again lol) you see Perry is at a 45 degree angle as he hits Dave. How is it remotely possible that the chest can hit Dave before the helmet does at this angle. It is possible to hit with a shoulder first if you move your head to the side but this was a straight on torpedo to the chops. If someone can show me a different angle that shows chest on chest initial contact then I'll eat my hat.

Now we know next time he can save us all the problem of debating this issue. I do not know about anyone esle but I am now satisfied.

Most QB's get hit while throwing the ball!

Dropping the head Dave do not look at your feet watch the ball dam it (next excuse please)

Hmmm the text book from the CFL on hitting to the head leading with the helmet.

Reeally is it a contact sport tell us something else we did not know.

From now on Dave will be told by Wally not to follow through on his passes.

You should talk about sore losers.

RLR is not complaining see winning you rejoice not complain. If you are think Bouno going to the league with this is complaining your just plain sad and a sore loser.

I doubt you have respect. You would respect that Dave got injured and the play should be reviewed. If Perry is cleared no harm done. But if he is not cleared then he should pay for his mistakes do you not think. That is respect.

This is funny! Next time. Your team better be ready thats all I can say.

Stewy it was worth one a penny! Sorry two cents would be to much.

Give me one other example of a Fred Perry hit even close to what happened and MAYBE then you can say that, but until then it is plain ignorant to imply that he has problems with headshots…

Another hijacked thread!
Do you people know how to stick to the topic!
Its about penalizing a dirty hit!
Not about DD whining

Oh now it is a dirty hit!

The problem with this new rule you're suggesting is that it would cause more controversy. How do you define what is a dirty hit and what is not?

It would work for the blatantly obvious one's, but it's still up to the discretion of someone at CFL head office.

Is this directed at me again, or are you still not reading?

It is not a bad idea but Dust is right.
There will never be an agreement as to whether or not a play is dirty. Most times poster cant even agree if something should be a penalty, let alone dirty

It is an interesting idea. It would end up being someone's judgement if a play is deemed 'dirty' or not. Not to mention that the CFLPA would never agree to such a proposed rule.

The other challenge would be who decides when the player is fit enough to come back. For example: a dirty hit on say someone like K Simonton by say I don't know Brent Johnson, could cost Johnson the rest of the season if Calgary decides never to dress him again.

Bad rule, no way to enforce it.

How much say does the CFLPA have in rule changes? I was under the impression they only had one rep/one vote.

I also dont see why they would be against it. It is that would be protected.

I do agree with the statement that it is their health that would be protected. However, it is also their playing time and paycheck that would be in jeoporady if a player was suspended for any length of time due to a prolonged injury. That is why I believe the players would not support it.

I say its a bad idea. Use Dickenson as an example-- he is going to be out for awhile, but if he comes back, he runs the risk of getting another concussion that could end his career. So the player that puts him out, his career is over as well? That kind of penalty is not realistic.