Anti-Chambre Season Preview show


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2 Second segment mid page (no link)


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And Noel Thorpe seems ready to roll, happy to have the Bear back:

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Can someone summarize the video links?

Je vous suggère de regarder l'entrevue avec Picard. Réponses ineptes, attitude complètement détachée et sans motivation, ce gars se fout totalement d'où il est, des média et des supporteurs. Aucune âme, aucune articulation du propos, c'est à se demander s'il ne se sent pas puni de se retrouver à Montréal. :thdn: :thdn:

Haven't watched the interview, but if you're right, that's both disappointing and puzzling. I mean, this is his last chance at meaningful playing time in the CFL and he's got a great opportunity with LBJ still rehabbing. And if I were him, I wouldn't take anything for granted. Assuming Ruby grabs the LT spot, we still have Piotrowski, White, and Gagnon vying for roster spots. If he has a bad or indifferent camp, he might well lose his job to one of the younger players and get cut.

I didn't get the same read. Picard isn't a media whore, never has been.

I just listened to the Picard interview, didn`t find anything wrong with it. If anything he sounded somewhat reserved (but not indifferent), contrary to his reputation.

I don't understand French, but here are translated parts from an article about that show.

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"There's no friction. We saw the chemistry in Florida and there is good camaraderie between the coaches, said Biswas. We know our role. Everything has been clarified. In the past, there were coaches with less affinity. It's going better than in the same period last year."

"Besides having coach in our meetings, we also have the Director-general," said Bolduc. This allows us to have more information than before. »

"We must therefore prepare succession which is named Brandon Bridge and Rakeem Cato. These two quarters must have repetitions in the preparatory games because if something happens to Kevin, he must be ready to play. »

"I (Éric Deslauriers) didn't cry during the minicamp, but I had to hold back me because I had the penalty. The first hours were difficult, but things are compacted.

"In the past ten years, there was a boom in football in Quebec," said Deslauriers. There are more in addition to Quebecers who go to the United States and is seen here as universities grow Université Laval. It brings the football a little more away. »

They also mentioned Glenn would start but considering his age and his injury history last year, they want Cato and Bridge to be ready to step in. Zero mention of Crompton.

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Picard n'a rien dit de mal. Il n'a rien dit du tout. Seulement du boniment de joueur de hockey, sans émotion, sans enthousiasme, sans intérêt, sans substance. À chaque question, il aurait pu répondre "oui", et ça aurait fait la même chose. Regardez le encore et coupez le son. Vous me direz ensuite que ce gars-là est (pour reprendre ses mots) "excité" d'être avec les Alouettes cette année? J'en doute. Son langage non-verbal (et verbal) est davantage :"J'm'en câlisse."

Enfin, peut-être que, comme le prétend HfxTC, c'est seulement qu'il est pourri avec les média.

Ça ne m'avait pas sauté aux oreilles, mais ils n'en ont effectivement fait aucune allusion.

Est-ce que ça a une grande signification à ce moment-ci alors que Crompton n'est toujours pas apte au jeu? Je crois que même si ce n'est pas très significatif, ce n'est pas anodin non plus.

Well, media interviews are usually BS anyway. Dumb questions that provoke rote answers. So I'm not going to prejudge Picard one way or another.

But he'd better make us feel like this:

And not like this: