Anti Blue Jays

Yes there are a few of us here in Toronto that do not drink the kool aid for the bs being fed here by the Rogers and rest of the medial of being "Canada's Team".
Shut up.
Join me here for your anti venting.
Let's hope the Tribe does their bit after taking the Sox then sweeping the Crappers.
Bottom line Blue Jays = Rogers, enough said.

Too bad - you're missing a fun ride ArgoT.

A couple of the most thrilling games recently played in any sport in these parts - with the way those first two home post season Jays games played out. Certainly the wildest crowd scenes in quite a while in TO. It was as if Toronto was suffering an earthquake the way the camera shots were shaking because of the crowd causing the stadium to literally shake with all the jumping up and down in the seconds after Josh slid home.

What a great sports scene! That shot of the crowd up in the stands from the camera angle they showed Donaldson sliding across the plate is going to go down as one of those great iconic Toronto sports moments. I've watched it 20 times now and still get chills watching the crowd go insane.

But I'll try to leave this thread alone for you and rcon to have your fun while the rest of us enjoy this ride. :slight_smile:.

Easy on the liquid there Travel, you don’t want to get KA poisoning!

People forget that "Canada's Team" was one of the teams that voted to contract the Expos and Twins back in 2002(IIRC).

I never forgot that.

Yes very good point c-way I do remember that.
Like I said the bs coming from Rogers and the media is pathetic and people actually fall for this stuff.
Not to mention how the vast majority couldn't tell the difference between a fast ball or knuckler.
It's the stupid flavour of the last few years, the trendy place to be seen and wear those stupid hats all over the place.

Do you want people to only watch the CFL? Are we not allowed to have other interests?

Like what you want, just don't tell me I am not a true Canadian,(as I have been accused of on Facebook and other places)if I don't like a team owned by a company that wraps itself around a Canadian flag while trying to trash and belittle a Canadian League. Screw the Jays Go Indians!!!!

Anyone who supports a foreign nation's city over a canadian city should be forced out of this country.

dg, are you saying I should automatically dump my fav MLB team the Tigers and switch to the BJs, a team I grew up with before the Blue jays even existed, just because the Blue Jays are a Canadian team? That's like telling some Canadians they should automatically like the CFL over say the NFL for football just because the CFL is a Canadian owned and operated league. You know what a lot of Canadians think about that logic. :wink: :slight_smile:

Hey, now that the Tigers are out I do wish the best for the BJs really but I'm just not that excited because my fav team is out. MLB for me means zilch about Canadiana culture or that, MLB is simply the largest baseball league in the world having the highest percentage probably of the best baseball players in the world, nothing more and nothing less.

Grew up playing baseball as a kid and hitting many Jays games at CNE. We welcomed them to Toronto with open arms
as the Argo shared the stadium with them. Baseball starting losing me with strikes and steroid issues. Then Rogers came along and the Jays lost me for good. The treatment of the Argos and their fans has me not giving a rats arse about them.
People should watch their legs jumping on and off that band wagon. Holy crap people who know squat about baseball are all of a sudden fans.
Plus Rogers is a slimy company and I ditched my cel that I had with them since phones were available. They were charging me for receiving texts from them when my phone wasn't on. I didn't even know that my crappy little flip phone could text. SCREW THEM!They were floored and kept trying everything to get me back. I don't even have a mobile device anymore. Rogers makes tons of money off the backs of Canadians and then craps on the CFL. They love spending tons of dough for naming rights to sporting venues though. Pretty soon every stadium and arena will have their name on it. Corporate GREED is their motto.
Screw them and their team.

Rogers is a slimy company for sure Argonauts and I have little use for them other than right now I have my cable, internet and phone with them so I do deal with them. The Jays are a fine brand but what has happened to me is that Rogers has made the Jays brand appear slimy out of being associated with Rogers. And that's not fair but that's life. Some people I know who don't like Bell say the CFL brand has suffered because they don't like Bell and therefore don't watch much of anything on TSN because it's owned by Bell. So I'm not the only one who thinks along these lines in the media world.

Other then CFL football I’m not watching much of TSN. I do like NCAA football and I’ll watch NHL. I don’t watch much of Sportsnet either at this point. Plenty of channel flipping.

We’re stuck with Bell dish in the woods here. Bell isn’t great but it’s what we have.

We have two mega corporations here.
There is no question which one treats the CFL with respect while the other with disdain.
Rogers is so slime ridden there are many examples going back to 96 during the negative option billing fiasco to old man Rogers laughing during the presser when he was asked how many $100 tickets would be available during the failed Bills series at the Crap Dome and he with a smirk sheepishly answered one.
The example here is how he and his corporation thought about the average Canadian.
The question is why Rogers customers put up with this crap?

Even the Ti-Cats are on the Blue Jays bandwagon - perhaps out of necessity. This part of the Cats' promotion for Friday night's game.

ALCS GAME TELEVISED THROUGHOUT THE STADIUM – Are you a baseball fan? Game #1 of the American League Championship Series will be televised live on select concourse and premium level televisions throughout Tim Hortons Field on Friday night.

Definitely the CFL was too low class and not big enough for the almighty mega billionaire Ted Rogers. You have that right ArgoT. Which doesn't make the man a bad man of course. Mind you, from what I remember reading he wasn't even much of a sports fan, more a money fan.

Loyalty to Canadian cities before foreign. Dump the Tiger's.

Guess you couldn't figure out my logic and I'm not even very smart my friend. :wink: Tigers all the way based on me growing up as a Tigers fan before the Jays even existed! Jays as my 2nd fav MLB team simply because they exist in Canada. MLB means nothing about Canadiana culture, they just happen to have a team in a large North American city. Not too difficult to figure out dg. :smiley:

Just looked at to see the score.... and yes, one down and 3 to go!! :rockin: :rockin:

Used to play a lotta ball, both pick-up and organized. My kids played ball for years on organized teams. We all love playing the game. I still love watching kids play and there are teams in the area who play a fast tempo game, it's exciting....Having said that, nobody in my family cares one iota about the Jays. Most complain it's too slow.(we are hockey people at heart). My biggest complaint is watching some guy who is getting 20 mil per season, play a kid's game. I can't do it. That and it's too slow.

I don't begrudge others who watch and I seldom criticize. I usually say nothing. I have been insulted a few times because I don't watch, but I just put that down to 'misery loves company'. :lol: