Anthony, time to pick yourself up

What’s wrong with our amazing AC?

Four games into the season, he has 964 yards passing, which represents an average of 241 yards a game. With such numbers, he’s on pace to get his lowest production ever, 4338 yards.

To reach 5000, he now needs an average of 288 yards per game. Which is plainly feasible.

To reach 6000, he needs an average of 360.

I know he usually needs a few games to get rolling, but this is week 6. Time to start the firework, Anthony !

Stop whining and enjoy the fact that we're 4-0. :roll:

Personally, I'll trade stats for wins anyday.

On the other hand, AC's passing and play calling has been off so far this year; hope he gets it going soon.

Could be the new ball that he's not adapting too ?

We're still 4-0...enjoy it while it lasts, because D & ST can't win all 18 games for us !

Excellent reply ! :lol:

As much as I agree that wins are more important, I really want to see him get 500 yards this year and become the first QB to do it in 5 consecutive seasons

Its not time to press the panic button yet. He dont have a terrific start, but its far from being horrible. Personnaly i think he did pretty good last game. Dont forget the receivers drop 4-5 pass in the 1st half only.

Yeah, but he's not throwing the deep ball at all this year. That worries me. Ball control offense is great, but you need to be able to go deep in this league.

I agree that he dont throw enough deep ball. Not that he dont have the arm for it. Maybe that's a consequence of having 2 offensive coordinator. He listen to neither of them ? :lol:

This 4-0 team gives all the indication of living on borrowed time.

we need ezra back...


Right. Our defense is 1st or 2nd in 18 of 23 defensive categories this year and we're living on borrowed time.

I think its just people are SHOCKED, everyone expected the Als defense to be a liability and honnestly its the defense and special teams that have been winning games. Als consistently get great field position and points by their D.

the best catch of the season has been by Robert Edwards, that's strange. Lets just say the Als have been shocking in more ways then one.