Anthony Parker Replacement for Chambers

WR Anthony Parker has been released by the Stamps so maybe he could be a replacement to Shamawd Chambers. Parker is a CFL veteran, Canadian & has done punt and kick returns as well. Tillman should maybe consider this as option.

Hard to convince a west coast guy to come all this way without throwing money at him

Parker has been around for 7 seasons, nothing special, he has averaged around 23 catches per season, 19 last season.
One of the new national receivers should be expected to make 20 receptions in a season.
Probably expecting Faubert-Lussier, Scarfone, Mike Jones to all fill in that one national WR spot.

There is a specific thread "Bring him to Hamilton" already created. Hopefully the mods will move this here...

our younger receivers are as good if not better, and have far more upside