Anthony Malbrough

...lets see.....talented yup (when he's available to play)....injury prone yup....i don't know about anyone else but this guy worries me....he just doesn't stay healthy...He was injured on the stamps roster when we picked him up...hamstring i believe...and after arriving in the Peg. played a couple of games and was put on the injury list....last year he was nicked...but performed pretty well till that eastern semi-final ..this yr. he comes up lame in t.c.... played a bit and was put on the injured list....gets back the last game and lasts exactly game and is now back on the injury list...I know a lot of fans will say ...geez you can't part with a guy when he's down and injured....sorry...IF the Bombers are looking for the betterment of the team as a whole....he has to go...Bring someone in that can at least stay healthy....This team is too good to have a player that is not physically able to carry his weight...Tough stance... well that's the nature of the business... i think we've carried him as long as we cuts are around the cornor...i say we bring someone in for a look-see in the secondary...or hopefully Bolden will decide to return...and we can sign him...I'm just fed-up with Anthony Malbrough... :thdn:

if bolden were to return, sorry to say but id cut malbrough in a heartbeat. he is by far the odd man out... this is getting rediculous already... but papa i think thats the only way id cut malbrough at this point... as much as i agree with you... but the man may be the best cover guy we have... hopefully hes healthy come playoff time! as you said papa, hopefully bolden will return... malbrough would erase a huge chunk of his salary as well... he needs to come back before the deadline though

I’d rather wait out his injuries than pin our hopes on Moss, Young and Fulbright all year. As long as Malbrough can stay healthy when it counts I say stick with him. We’ll need him in the playoffs. The injury issue may be something to think about in the off-season though.

....i doubt we'll be seeing much of Malbrough this yr.....MAYBE time...i think we need someone of quality in the line-up long before that..... :roll:

dont forget bean

Well I guess when Bean is back our regular five in the secondary will look something like this:


With Young, Moss or Fulbright coming in as the extra DB where the situation dictates.

There could be some good stuff coming out of the NFL cuts this week but how quickly these can learn our system is another thing. We are now in the ninth game and Marbrough has not played a full game. Hate to talk about a fellow when he's infured but at some point to have to cut bait. That's the nature of the game.