Anthony giving back to Amateur Football in Quebec

I agree, but let me ask MadJack and D&P a question.

If someone were to invite you for supper, and just before you start to eat, The host says “Lets all bow our heads and say grace”

What will you do? Ill just bow my head and go along with it…its no big deal

That would be letting someone force their religion down your throat. Johnny would not accept doing that.

So what would you DO

And I would not. I might not verbally raise an objection, but I would not bow my head; that would make me look like a hypocrite. It's like when I've attended weddings and they've had a prayer. I do not bow my head or participate in any fashion in such a superstition.


In my early years I grew up in Quebec wherein The Catholic Church and the Government were in connection, perhaps not officially, but in connection assuredly. The RC Church influenced public affairs and, without question and, prayers were indeed used in the opening of Government and, prayer was a component of civic and non civic meetings, I believe that the passage of time has indeed dissolved this relationship to some degree. Are we the better because of this? I believe we are, to some extent, as I think the Church was too involved at that period of time with respect to development of government policy.
However the RC Church did own ownership of hospitals, schools and other organizations and, did have a say in their administrations. The Nuns, God bless them, did provide the nursing care and provided the teachers in public schools. In public schools a prayer was appropriate at the beginning of the school day. Yes with the period of the 1960’s, administrations of these organizations shifted toward the secular although, in many ways, this shift might not have been for the better. It really bothers me today that a political organization such as a municipal organization or, a meeting of a school board upsets so much the secular, that an opening prayer brings hostility from some of them, who sometimes do address this situation with legal action. The RC Church remains as the religious choice for the majority in Quebec. An opening prayer I believe is quite appropriate for these groups. Personally, although I am a secular person, I would not hesitate to bow my head in recognition of a religious group,even if this group supported a football team.

[i]Johnny would look at porn on his iPhone while they were praying :lol:

Seriously, Johnny would let them do their thing, while remaining silent and not bowing his head. If Johnny can tolerate them doing their thing and being respectful; he would expect them to be respectful of Johnny's desire to not participate. [/i]

Looks OK to me Johnny !!

I'll agree with ro1313.

Personally, I am agnostic. But if I made a scene if my host said"Grace", then I would be imposing my "beliefs" on them. I would not participate, but silence does not equate to agreement or support. I would respect their right to believe as they choose.

BTW, I figure it is 60/4-0 that you had your tongue in your cheek as you typed.