Anthony Gargiulio's attempt failed

The Stamps added DB Keon Raymond to the practice roster and released DL Anthony Gargiulo, who was trying to make a comeback attempt from a broken leg ... LB Shannon James and DB Calvin Bannister didn't practise yesterday.

...I understand Bannister was at Foothills Hospital having surgery to open his eyelids which he had accidently crazy-glued together in May....he had been wearing glasses with eyes painted on them up to now...

....too bad about AG, too soon to come back maybe?...

Now now R&W the pass rush for both losses were not great as well. They lost because of that only. Dinwiddle could have sat in a lawn chair and launched balls while sipping on a martini with an umbrella.

lol lol... a launcher for sure....The Dinner said after the game, he never had so much fun...He brought the receivers in early for 2 morning practices , just to work out a few plays for the stamps game....Now that's dedication....Look out for this kid...and he's having fun to boot.... :wink: :smiley:

It seems Jiminez really did a number on him after all. Hopefully he can work at it and get back into game shape and maybe we'll see him in Stamps TC next year. Probably was too early for him to realistically make the team, maybe the team just wanted to see his progress.

Really sucks, the dude worked his @ss off to
try and make it back.

Dont give up Anthony!