Anthony Davis

is he good to go yet? anybody know. i wouoldnt mind seeing him get a chance

im with stupid. ahhahahahahahah:)

?? what are you sayin?

i dont get it? :? but ya i dont think we will be ready for at least a few more games.

I was agreeing with you, stupid doesn't mean anything just an inside joke.

According to Ron Lancaster, at his press conference from yesterday, Anthony Davis is pretty close to being ready. He also asked the obvious question: "Where do we play him?". If he's not sure, will we see him playing at all?

Ahead of Aidoo

Aidoo is a fullback, and Davis is not.

Aidoo is a bit of both, he's a much better running back then he is a fullback, and with Radlein we don't really need Aidoo to play FB

davis got surgery on his knee thats why he is not playing yet but when he does im pretty shure he will impress the fans