Anthony Davis

Does anyone know how close Davis is to being healthy ? So far the running game has been anemic. If Davis were to start and Ranek to sit , what adjustments would have to be made on the import - non import lineup on offence?

hes prolly out for a while he has leg surgery

Hmm... good question.

But if Antonio Davis did not want to play for the Raptors, then I don't think he'd want to play for the Ti-Cats.

At 6'9" he's too tall for RB. Maybe a lineman, but at 230 lbs, maybe a rush end. Then again, he's 38 years old. Maybe he's better off finishing his career in the NBA.

my mistake , Captain... meant Anthony, not Antonio

I know. I was just joshin' :wink:

And ya know, when AD comes back, AND if the O-line can get their act together, we could have an awesome ground game.

This actually leaves me with a brialliant plan for sure success.

Sign former Raptor Antonio Davis as our team's fullback.

Sign his wife, Kendra Davis, as our team's halfback.

He'll defend her tooth and nail, especially if we run plays that happen to take her through the crowd. Nobody will be able to lay a hand on her. She will be the first player with a 109 ypc average in the CFL.

None. They’re both imports.

To bring Anthony Davis onto the 46 player active roster, one import would have to be removed from the active roster and either be placed on the injured list or practice roster or be released.

He is not particpating fully in practice.

Due to our depth of Canadian talent...we could juggle the line-up several ways without affecting our ratio that badly.

Plus, we still have Kavil sitting a Pascal Cheron due to come back any time now. Cook is hurt...the list goes on.

Brain fart on my part - I was assuming Ranek wouldn't be active, which would not be a very smart idea as long as he's healthy.

I thought the coaches dont make adjustments on this team–at least they dont in the second half!!! :lol: javascript:emoticon(’:lol:’)

That should be Easy if Corry is not ready.
Or Josh Seems to be Still Hurt..