Anthony Coombs

Just signed with the Ticats, played the SB/RB hybrid role with the Argos.

nice signing! :slight_smile:

Hope he brings Arblows playbook with him! :wink:

Another Jim Barker recommendation? :slight_smile:

Similar skill-set as STE. Good signing.

Exactly why they signed him. Having a Canadian at RB means nothing if there’s no skilled depth.

Getting a running back from the Argos reminds me of the good old days, like when we got Jimmy DeRatt in '76. ;D

Doyle Orange too.

And as Grover hopes, he knows the playbook.We’ll see if this is for a momentary advantage or for the longer term/

I think someone needs to give credit to the poster who predicted this exact move. (The name escapes me - almost like it keeps changing in my mind.)

Well technically, s/he predicted we would sign James Wilder once he was released by the Argos. But I say this is close enough.

Chalk it up to the Mercer Timmis effect. Dominoes falling.

He may be the only one that understands it so it’ll never be executed as intended by remaining Arrrgos. So of no use!

excellent signing that makes 100% perfect sense.

Unfortunately it is a little unrealistic for a young National LB to transition to the lead RB as was asked of him last week.
It seems pretty easy to obtain a backup National RB.

WHY is Bennett dabling as a RB? Is he not a solid backup National DB/LB option??

Because the team loves versatility. If you can play multiple positions then you are a very valuable asset. Jackson Bennett can play DB, LB, RB and can return kicks.

And a good Special Teams guy with 2 Special Teams tackles last game,
tied with Frey, McGough, Maudlin and Tucker

I am sure the team loves versatility but taking all the reps at RB sure hasn’t helped his development on the d side of the ball.

I would rather see if he can be a defensive starter before making him a jack knife but that might just be me.

Mark Bragagnolo had a great Labour Day game for the Cats shortly after we got him from the Argos (1981, maybe).

Bennett was moved to the offensive side because there were no plans for starting a NAT DB, other than at Safety, where they were settled on Adeleke and Daly and needed only to determine who would start ahead of the other who’d assume the backup role. Bennett is a good ST player and a standout individual who they want to keep on the team. The coaches decided his best opportunity to see action beyond special teams, this year, would be as the backup NAT RB.

Neil Lumsden

You guys are all out to lunch.

Walter Bender! CFL East all-star and Grey Cup Champion, 1986.

Great signing! I was shocked to see he was still a free agent.