Anthony Coombs

Any thoughts on Anthony Coombs? Can he effectively replace Andre Durie? What's his east/west speed like? The next Pinball Clemons maybe?

Early returns on Coombs look good IMO. He's quick and fast, shows good vision. The Argos would probably have preferred a little longer breaking in period, but it is what it is. Andre Durie has a record of getting nicked and missing playing time every year partially because he fights for ever yard and he is not getting any younger. So we go to plan B with Coombs. Hope he can take a hit because he's going to get tested physically now.

Pretty much agree with the above post.

It would have been nice to ease Coombs in (like last week) but he could surprise many and have a breakout game or month in Durie's absence.

I believe he was drafted to eventually replace Durie and never actually be a full time RB so this will be good exposure for him. His hands are great and his speed from what I've seen is above average.

So far he has shown that he can play with the big boys already showing his versatility. game one was used as a returner mostly, game two RB as the second change up back in a two back system running and catching the ball, and game three out of the slot. 3 games 3 different skill sets and looked very much in place.
For me the most impressive thing was that he was able to play the change of pace RB with Steele as the starter. Not easy to take that role so quickly after only being the primary do it all back in his career so far.

I would have liked to have seen Coombs used more last week. But he was solid when he was used. This week though, I hope he has a terrible game, as he'll be here in Ottawa playing against my Redblacks!

It was the first time he played exclusively SB and he did share time with Bradwell. Game 2 he was part of the 1-2 punch at RB with Steele. With Owens getting injured on punt returns it could be that Coombs may begin taking on punt return duties as well. While Steele continues with kick off returns.

He'll get LOTS of playing time the next few weeks with Durie and Owens out.

He has looked very promising so far, but I agree that more of an easing in period would have been ideal.

With both Durie and Owens out he will likely not play much at the RB position. I would like to see him get the chance to return punts in Owens absence and could mean for good. Seeing that Owens has become the top receiver the Argos have already cut out his returning of Kick Offs but what he is able to do as a Punt Returner was hard to cut that part of his game out. Coombs may just have the ability to be as good as or better than Owens at this point of time.
Another Argos rookie receiver Natay also has a great upside. Coming from Junior College he transfered to UB where he focuse his JR season as a teams player. His SR season was seeing him making the transition to play and start at SB but had a season ending injury early on. So he may be a whole season away or possibly be able to be packaged in at some time after Labor Day. Until then it will likely be Watt, Coombs, and Bradwell along with TE sets to fill the 2 Canadian receiver spots in the offense.

He was fitting right in until he separated his shoulder. He says he'll be out 3 weeks but I hope a MRI says otherwise. This guy will eventually take over from Durie.

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