Anthony Cioffi

First off, our Cats blew it in the second half, in all three phases of the game and full credit to Ottawa for making halftime adjustments to come back.

Now Anthony Cioffi is a joke of a football player. His hit on Tasker was dirty, cheap, late, unsafe and absolutely uncalled for. Yes he was assessed a major foul 15 yard penalty. But he should have also been ejected from the game, suspended and fined. We can’t have jokes of players like Cioffi taking cheap shots on star CFL players like Tasker, and get away with it.

I was also disappointed with the Ticats response after that occurred, with Ottawa’s second half comeback. They didn’t even send a message to the Redblacks that cheap shots like this will not be tolerated. I hope they send that message next week and more importantly secure the victory.

You’d like to see a fine after a shot like that. I don’t buy the TSN spin that Tasker said something on the previous play, that would be out of character.

The team response was sad. We didnt need a brawl but it was like we are badder and tougher than you…what ya gonna do about it. The cats didnt answer. Folded

I think a round of Oline chop blocks on the next play would have sufficed

There needs to be some form of retaliation on this guy as he could have killed or seriously inured tasker and it was done after the play and intentional head to head shot. We as a team and fans need to show him we won’r allow this and there will be payback. Kicking their butts in all 3 parts of the game is start. Taking menacing hits on their receivers. Backs and Qb is a given.

I've never seen him say much after anything. He's a role model of a player.He's taken huge hits after making a great catch then just pops back up to his feet and jogs back to the huddle. Even his touchdowns are somewhat modest.

Watched the close up replay when Tasker got up from his catch. He just rushed back to the huddle and unless he's a ventriloquist he didn't say anything because you could see his face when he was heading back.

This whole "did Tasker say something" question is a red herring. Any player who does what Cioffi did should immediately be ejected from the game, regardless of whether there was any kind of verbal provocation at any point.

An automatic ejection is a little much. Soon it will be like NCAA where anything close is an ejection. Let’s not get to that point .

I think the appropriate punishment will be handed out this week by Judge Breaux.