Anthony Calvillo

Anthony has just announced that he is returning in 2012.


More good news. :thup: If he even plays at 80 % of what he did in 2011 that's still pretty good.

For most, but not necessarily for one :slight_smile:

No surprise there.

I love this bit from AC's interview.: 'After 3 weeks from the end of the season, the wife is ready to kick me out of the house'. :stuck_out_tongue:

Although expected, still comforting to hear A.C. will be back.

But if this year is his swan song, he definitely has to share time with McPherson. Time to find out once and for all if Adrian is the future.

Personnally, I am extremely happy that Anthony will be back for another season. As I wrote before, unless he is injured, I expect him to play for most of the games,in 2012.

On November 29,2011 Jim Popp told Herb,about Anthony Calvillo: "We expect him back,starting and playing every down. He won't have a reduced role unless he wants it.We're in no hurry to move him out.He can do it and we've got trust in him."

With regards to Adrian McPherson,Jim Popp said: "I've seen what he can do.I don't need to know more."


AC back for 2012 YES!! But I do expect him to split duties with Macpherson. There is only so much time someone can sit on the bench and do 2 qb sneaks a game. He will definately ask for a trade if what Popp says is true!

Given our needs elsewhere, a trade might actually happen.

Were I to be Popp, and say Winnipeg came calling wanting McPherson, I might consider it if they offered me one of their D linemen (Willis, Vega, Mainor, or Smith), one of their DHBs (Hefney or Suber), and a QB (Brink or Elliott) in exchange for McPherson and say a draft pick (or Anderson!).

Short and sweet Jim. :thup:

From Anthony to Herb.

HAnthony- is amenable to the possibility of Adrian McPherson receiving some additional playing time." I'm not going to take a step back and let him play a game here or there. I can sit back and let him have a couple of series,leave him after a short-yardage sneak".


I don't know how I feel about this. AC has undoubtedly been the franchise for more than a decade and has earned very well-deserved records, some of which may stand for a long time.

On the other hand, a player has to know when to hang 'em up. I'll never forget Jean Beliveau's last game - with the Stanley Cup hoisted above his head. Now, that's the way to do it, Jean!

If I were AD, I'd be on the blower to my my agent! We don't know what role AC will have but on the basis of the TSN report, it sounds like AC said that he wants to "even up his GC wins". Translated, that appears to me two more seasons at the helm! I appreciate the fact that he says he is in great shape, but he took some hellacious hits this season, despite the record. And, let's face it - he didn't exactly look good in a whole bunch of games. For AC to be successful, the O-line has to be nearly perfect! The rest of the league knows full well that AC is no longer capabale of moving the pocket. Keep pressure on him and give blanket coverage to Jamel and SJ and it will be a long series of 2-and-outs for the Als.

To be fair, the injuries to the secondary finally did us in. There were at least two wins this season that could have gone the other way had the game lasted another 2-3 minutes. That's becuase we weren't able to come up with stops at key moments.

How are they going to convince AD to stay around a little longer? Will he get to see his share of starts next season? Will our new OC be able to devise new and innovative plays for both an AC and an AD start? There are more questions than answers at this point and I find myself in somewhat of a quandry on the release of this news.

from The Canadian Press:
"After Montreal was eliminated, Calvillo said he would accept playing less to help the Alouettes develop his successor, much as he gathered experience in his first two seasons in Montreal as a backup to Tracy Ham."

While it's too early to tell...

Nothing about this comes as any kind of a shock.
Calvillo has had a history of putting his own interests before those of his team
And while most have been content to trust AC to know when he's done
His pathetic and cowardly performance...ruining the end of the 2011 season seemed to have created a stir on a weekly basis...but left no traces.
I guess there's no point in insisting that his game against the Cats wasn't exactly conclusive evidence that his game hasn't diminished along the way...especially considering the Cats ultimate fate this season.

Only a fool would insist that AC doesn't still have some good games left in him
The stats will at least tell you that.
But what the stats don't scream out at you is the pained inconsistencies...the games where AC is overwhelmed by a tagged down by a defender because he's more worried about getting home to his wife and kids....than actually winning as football game.

That lack of commitment is what robbed the Alouettes of another Cup this year.
It rubs off on the whole team.
You only have to look at how inspiring hard-nosed quarterbacks like Buck Pierce and Travis Lulay are to their respective teams to realize how deflating the opposite can be.

Well...from all indications the Alouettes are about to self-destruct
Dissing a potentially great quarterback for a "has-been" that never will again
If we continue down this course...this team will not survive
It's appalling to me that so few posters care about the ultimate fate of this team
But that won't stop me, or the few here with sense, from pointing out their folly
Right to the end...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
:thdn: :thdn: :thdn: :thdn: to this post! Said it before and will say it again, did not realize AC was playing D during the TiCats game whereby allowing 52 points!

Guy posted 500+ passing yards and led his team to 40 points in an OT playoff loss and some people are acting like he can't play football anymore. :lol:

Never let the facts get in the way of a good rant, eh?

You score 40 points in a game, you should win that effing game, and if you don't, maybe, just maybe, you want to look to your defense for answers. Right?


Calvillo shouldn't even be in the discussion if we're talking about the team's success. Some teams actually do need help at QB. Montreal is the last team that needs to be worried about its QB situation. He's gonna be playing better football at 40 than most play in their 20s and early 30s can ever hope for. And just like Jim Popp has said, we've seen what McPherson can do.

With a defensive backfield as destroyed as ours, I'm certain Popp knows our concerns are hardly on offense.

So, I'm at the Royal Vic for a check-up and I see a familiar face in the waiting room. I walked over and introduced myself to Anthony and Alexia Calvillo! I was wearing my Montreal Alouette back-to-back GC Champs t-shirt. I wished Anthony and Alexia well and I told Anthony that I would like to buy the same type of t-shirt in 2014, i.e. back-to-back GC champs. I hope that AC's check-up went well and that he will be in great health and great shape come the start of TC.

Go Als go!