anthony calvillo

First of all...he didnt play well at all but he DESERVED the win......and im not super religious but I love at the end of the game when he showed emotion where ive never seen emotion from him....Im not even close to being a Als fan but i got goosebumps watching there dressing room celebration where they chanted his Name and how he showed a Anthony Calvillo we never see...hes a vocal leader you can see the respect he commabds. quite the seen...

and on the other end of the spectrum, cmon cahoon show SOME bloody emotion!

why should he??

he's been there before and he acts like it, he's all class

:rockin: :thup: :thup: :thup:

As a sad Riders fan I too thought it was very cool to hear teammates chant Anthony's name. For those who have never played on a team at a championship level after a long, long season when you have given everything physically possible and left it on the field the emotion of victory and comraderie is hard to explain to those who have not had this marvellous experience. There is a love between teammates and coaches that is the most natural high one can experience. To put team above self is a wonderful thing and experience. Congrats to the Als and the Riders too for defying all the oddsmakers!

In the locker room at the end, I thought it was going to be wild but they had a calm team meeting. They congratulated the Riders on their season, thanked the coaches and had AC say a few words. Very impressed with the team. AC is one of the best quarterbacks ever in the league. Hope it is a rematch next year.

Riders 2010 Grey Cup Champs.

It definitely makes the loss easier seeing a guy like Calvillo win it. He’s a great player and a great person.

...^^ what she said :thup: ....

ya, if there was any team that I wanted to see win, almost as much as my Riders, it was the Alouettes..

i'm just glad it wasn't Edmonton hehehehe