Anthony Calvillo

If I read correctly last night whilst watching the Argos turn the Stamps into mush, Calvillo is only 67 yards away from reaching 50,000.

Now, love him or hate him, I would hope we take a minute or so to congradulate AC on this marvelous feat. I know I'll be counting down the yards.

Good Luck AC, Hopefully you get stuck at 67 yards, so you get the record, but lose :slight_smile:

66 yards, then we knock him out of the game.

Run him out of town, then applaud him years later when he passes a milestone?

We did it when Damon set the record against us, we can do it again ...

Although it could be habit forming ....

The Bassman


Remember when AC played for Hamilton?
And now we have to cheer for him?
Not me.

AC has the Tiger-Cat record for most passing yards in a single game.

542 yards in 1996.