Anthony Calvillo What the fans don"t see

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Letter: Anthony Calvillo’s precious gift to a teen with cancer

As a nurse at the Montreal Children’s Hospital, I first saw Anthony Calvillo in 2009, soon after his team won the Grey Cup. He came that day to see some of our sick children and put a smile on all their faces.

Many professional athletes come to the hospital from time to time, but Calvillo seemed different; he dressed in regular clothing and was extremely friendly and approachable. The kids loved him. I can remember shaking his hand and congratulating him on his thrilling victory, and thinking to myself, “why does this guy seem so down to earth??

I later learned from one of my patients — a teenage boy stricken with a rare form of lung cancer — that he and “A.C.? had become “buddies.? Over the next year, my patient became more and more ill and his death, as we all feared, was approaching. In 2010, after Calvillo himself was battling his own cancer, I caught a quick glimpse of him on my ward, sneaking in to see his buddy. There were no cameras, no photographers, just Calvillo, alone, with an autographed football, for his friend.

My patient — who loved football — died in January 2011, and at his wake, he was holding the ball that was given to him by a great quarterback who loves people.

We at the Children’s wish him the best in his retirement

Very moving story and it says a lot about a truly great character...The league will miss him but I'm sure he'll return in some capacity in the future... Till then ,take care AC. :thup: :thup:

:thup: :thup:

This story about A.C. illustrates not only true humanity but what a difference those put up on a pedestal can do. What a kind gesture and thankfully I have heard of other athletes who do it anonymously because of a big heart not because of wanting to be in the limelight. A.C. was a class act throughout his career and what a competitor. He grew from a average qb. to the record setting one he became which shows another side to him-- he was willing to study, learn and improve. His respect for opponents was telling and his leadership made Montreal feared for a decade!!! All his records and accomplishments in football aside, his gesture towards a dying youth tells it all about the kind of man A.C. was and is!!! Best wishes on your future and a role model and icon is lost.

A True Class Act and a Community Caring Guy is A.C. and a great leader and spokesmen for the Montreal Al's and the CFL!!

Thanks for sharing.

I'm shocked that Cohon didn't find a way to be there in person.

I thought that as well. The Guy was a great ambassador for our game. He'll be missed even though I routed against him.