Anthony Calvillo suffering from Post Concussion Syndrome

Calvillo left in the first half of the Als-Riders game with a concussion after being knocked unconscious by defensive end Ricky Foley.

Last week Calvillo discussed how he was feeling as he waited to see how he progressed: "I was feeling great pretty much all week,'' he said. "Every day it got better. And, two days ago, it just hit me and I felt like crap. Today I felt good so I went to see if I could push myself, but I don't feel right at all. It's not a headache. It's just pressure in my head. It throbs and then goes away, and then five minutes later it's the same thing."

AC's career is likely over, and if he's lucky, won't end up a vegetable or worse.

I think & feel that it's safe to say, on behalf of ALL CFL fans, no matter where our particular team loyalties lie, we send Anthony our best wishes for a full recovery & no long term effects! He has enriched the game we all love & call our own & I for one hope to see him back in a full capacity. This is not how I'd want to see the HOF'er leave the game!

At least his season is. On the 9 game list so that pretty much ends his year. Crappy way to go out.

That's for sure.

I hope this is not the end for AC, however health does come first.

Classy post, Fender, thanks for that.

And his season isn't necessarily over. We can use one of our early activations to bring him off the 9-game if he's cleared to play...

This is sad news for A.C,the Al's and the entire CFL as a whole.Isn't it ironic though that one of the Biggest "DICKHEADS" in the league will go down in history as the guy who ended A.C.'s career.As Conky would say...."Way to go Ricky"!!!!!

Thanks for all the great memories A.C. brings a tear to my eye everytime that I think that you were once a Cat,and what might have been if we would have had more patience and time way back when and appreciated what we had. :cowboy: A.C. is without a doubt one of the GREATEST this league has ever produced!!!!!! :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

pretty much the way dunigan went out.

concussions suck

Yep, blame Rick Foley for the hit plus the name calling BS is sick..ect :thdn: I don't think this was the worst hit that AC has taken IMO. Calvillo has gave me many excitement memories in the game of football and wish him well in recovery.

In all honesty AC's game has been going down hill over the last few seasons. I'm afraid father time is catching up to him and Foley's hit I would hardly call vicious. Actually looked pretty mild.

Agreed, as far as hits go he's taken far worse shots. The hit to the chest that gave him a bruised sternum/ribs a couple years ago vs the bombers was a much more ferocious hit. But with concussions its not always about how severe a hit is as how the structures in the head react to the hit. Putting him on the 9 game is a smart move, it takes away the questions on if/when he'll be back and there's no pressure on him to get back sooner. If he gets better ahead of schedule they can always activate him early if they wanted to. Good luck to him and hope he manages to recover without long term repercussions. This Hit ???? Calvillo as a Cat,96,looks like a little kid in this clip :rockin: Calvillo with the Las Vegas Posse,hurt on first play of game vs Argos Calvillo all-time passing yards record :rockin:
:thup: :thup: It's sad but the upsetting truth of this game is that the longer you stay in it, the less likely your chances are of going out on top and the more likely they are of going out on the decline or to an injury. I hope AC can bounce back and have at least one more decent season before he walks away, but the likelihood of that isn't very good right now. :(

I dont really think that that is a fair analogy
In 2009 and 2010 Grey Cup winning years He threw for 9478 yards and 58 TD
In 2011 and 2012 when they lost their playoff games 10333 yards and 63 TD

The team went down hill becasue of a bad D and ST
Look at the 2011 Semi final AC put 44 Points on the board and lost
They came within a dropped pass of making it to the 2012 Grey Cup game(Tieing it up at least)

2013..No he was not up to par but I put a lot of that on Hawkins...AC could not even call an audible...Im sure he could see the play was not going to work and he could do nothing about it....Im sure the times we saw him frustrated was when exactly that happened.

The hit was not vicious at all. It was simply bad luck where I think he made first contact with the ground with his head rather than his shoulders....

I hope he will be taken off the list early so that when he does call it a game....It will be on his terms

Wishing him all the best, classy guy and has been an excellent qb for much of his career.

Foley's hit was in no way vicious. Just unfortunate that it led to the concussion that may have ended Calvillo's career.

Real shame. Concussions like this one tend to linger with you for a long time. Hopefully he can make a full recovery.

If his game went downhill the last few seasons what was every other QB's excuse for not really matching up numberwise over the same period? I will grant that the team's record slipped a bit over that time but the defense as a whole was not very good at all then. The 2011 Eastern Divisonal Semi-final was as good an illustration of that. If you mean by his own standards, 2011 was his first 5000 yard season since 2008.

For kicks, the numbers from 2011 to now among the seven key starters (this has to discount Edmonton the last two years and Toronto for 2011). I left out 2010 because I don't know how you would count that as a declining year if you win the Grey Cup even after missing starts in the regular season and getting a scary prognosis on your thyroid in the process:

        comp-att    yards     td   int

Burris 877-1352 11860 77 37
Calvillo 852-1405 11655 69 27
Lulay 864-1375 11302 75 29
Glenn 741-1134 9449 51 35
Ray 812-1183 10477 59 22
Durant 772-1211 9729 59 27
Pierce 407-652 5245 19 27

Take away this season, which did represent a decline in his performance:

         comp-att     yards       td     int

Burris 775-1046 9054 63 30
Calvillo 737-1209 10333 63 22
Lulay 688-1103 9046 59 21
Glenn 632-975 8183 44 33
Ray 664-994 8653 44 22
Durant 612-975 7531 38 26
Pierce 330-524 4299 17 21 Chris Berman's tribute to Calvillo on ESPN's 2 minute drill segment A.C. Photo shoot for Readers Digest

They have mentioned that, but you never know with concussions. Look at the effect it's had on Buck Pierce. Come back too soon and the wrong hit makes it worse. It might be in Calvillo's best interest to hang them up. Lousy way to go out, but not like it's going affect how his career is viewed.