Anthony Calvillo Street

Just for fun. I believe that Anthony Calvillo is the single biggest local sports personality that lives and stays in Montreal in the last... I do not know, 25, 30 years? To honor him, I do not think that naming a street after him is too much. And I do not wish him bad, of course. There is a Mitt Stegall Drive in Winnipeg and a Brett Favre Pass in Green Bay. So the honoree being alive is not an obstacle, IMHO.

Now, where do you think is the best place on the Island for rue Anthony-Calvillo?

The top part of University Street above Sherbrooke Street which runs between the Royal Victoria Hospital and Percival Molson Stadium. Symbolic in so many ways.

Yep i agree, that hospital is moving anyways so it wont hurt the hospital.

You guys need to think bigger. How about that new bridge they are building ? Pont Calvillo, sounds nice and since there isn't a clean politician to come out of Quebec in the last 40 years... It fills a need.

Le tronçon de la rue Aylmer au nord de Prince-Arthur mène au stade Percival-Molson. Ce tronçon n'est pas en ligne droite avec le reste de la rue Aylmer, ce qui fait qu'on ne serait pas obligé de débaptiser la rue Aylmer pour en désigner une pour rendre hommage à Calvillo.

Ça pourrait, il me semble, être une artère tout à fait indiquée pour honorer ce citoyen exceptionnel et exemplaire.

That could be rue 'Alouettes de Montréal' as for the Habs. Calvillo should at least have a football stadium somewhere named after him. The street thing might be a while if you look at how long it took Gary Carter to have his.

Si quelqu’un touitte ça à Coderre, ça pourrait peut-être réglé avant la fin de la semaine. :smiley: