Anthony Calvillo returns to Montreal

…With the Université de Montréal Carabins. :o

L’attaque des Argonauts risque d’être meilleure la saison prochaine :frowning:

Great move by Anthony … this is what he should have done from the beginning … he never took the time to learn (a) how to coach and (b) how to think like a coach instead of a player … Sports (I hate that name) is a better place to do it then the CFL … time will tell if he can rebuild himself as a coach … also wonder whether Danny M has recruited a possible successor, 2019 is DM’s 9th season as HC at UoM.

Agreed, AC should have started out and learned at a lower level than the CFL. This will be good for him.

I believe the same job had been offered to him in the past, from this & another CIS team in the city… but he had turned it down. He knew he wanted to go coach at that level, but the chance to learn from his long-time coach Trestman was too good to pass up.
Now that that opportunity has come & gone, not surprised to see him return home and sign up with a CIS team here now.

Once the Reed shit-show is over, one day, and the team starts to rebuild from the ashes… I could easily see him ending up back with the Alouettes in some capacity.
People love to shit all over his coaching abilities, or lackthereof, I still think he’s been put in one shitty situation after another… put in a position to fail every time. I go back to the fact he became the all time yards leader with his main strength being his preparation &ability to read plays, not physical skills. That should be able to translate to coaching… that said you also need to find the right pupil.

Whatever happens, he’s a class act… happy for him. Beyond that, we’ll see what happens… QB coach is the least of our problems right now.

I don’t know what to make of his coaching ability or desires. I find it strange that a guy who can’t speak a lick of French would go work at UM instead of helping out a program like Concordia or McGill that can really use the help and where he can actually communicate with all of his players at a high level.

Maciocia did the same thing with Thorpe and it worked out well, but Thorpe was an established coach.

Best of luck to you Anthony. Hope you catch a break.

Language will not be a barrier for AC. Danny M can step in if need be.

Great move on his part and that of the Carabins.

Sadly going to McGill or Concordia would not have helped him I do not think. These two universities are nowhere near the level of U de M or Laval Rouge et Or. He would have spun his wheels there.

AC got bounced around from one coaching job to another in his short time with the Als. He never had a chance to develop as a coach. Wettenhals and Popp tossed him around like a pinata.

This is a great move for him. And yes maybe one day, he will be back on the sidelines with the Als.

“I want to be under one roof with my family,” he said at a news conference. “That’s the one thing that was very important to me. I wanted to be back in this community. This is where my roots are and this is my foundation.”
Calvillo also said the chance to work in the university ranks appealed to him. He also had talks with Concordia University in Montreal.
“I wanted to be part of something special,” Calvillo said. “What the University of Montreal has done here, what they’ve done with their sports programs, what Danny has done with their football program has taken it to a certain level that they should be proud of and I know they’re very proud of and I want to be part of that.”

Neither McGill nor Concordia would offer an equivalent developmental opportunity … I am no fan ofDanny Maciocia, but he is an experienced coach … dozen years in the CFL … entering his 9th USports season he has had success, including a Vanier Cup, a loss in the Vanier Cup … and that in a conference with the most successful university football program of the last two decades.

I also suspect AC speeks more French than he has ever shown in public.

Great move for AC but I have to wonder if this is the prelude to AC + DM taking over the riens of the Als in 2020…Either as Head coach + DG or other…insert here______________

He did have conversations with Concordia & McGill at different times, but in a league so imbalanced like the CIS is right now… makes sense to in the end choose to work with one of the few competitive teams in the league, and thus QBs with more potential to be nurtured.

Coaching losing Als & Argos teams after being on winning teams most of his playing career, I think working in a positive win/loss environment was also kind of key for him… I could easily understand that.

P.S. Guess Spencer Moore isn’t worth a post :wink:

A footnote. :wink:

So true

Moe Khan?
31m31 minutes ago
To show you how USports name hasn’t caught on. Not his fault, but Anthony Calvillo, kept on saying CIS. What is even funnier, some media members said CIS.

Makes you wonder if the folks in Toronto realize USports hasn’t caught on