Anthony Calvillo.... one classy guy!

Both on and off the field Anthony Calvillo is classy guy. There is something about his "presence" on the field that tells you that not only is he an intelligent and passionate player but is also a natural leader and always aware of what is happening. He has given a tremendous amount to both his Montreal fans and fans across the country. The CFL has treated him well. In the face of adversity both professionally and personally Anthony has been a role model for all.

Would I like to see a Montreal/Lions match up in the Grey Cup at B.C. Place? You bet I would. Would I like to see the Lions give the Als a good thumping. My word I would.....just like Montreal showed no mercy when they thrashed the Lions 2 years ago. That is what sports is about. I am very happy for Anthony to see him break the all time passing record. And yet, Anthony Calvillo would be the first to say that he could not have done it without the hard work of his team mates. That is the kind of guy he is. He puts in a tremendous amount of preparation, his body takes a beating but Anthony will always give the credit to someone else.

There are some professional athletes who do not handle success very well. They do not appreciate that their special athleticism is a gift.... a blessing if you will. Others like Anthony Calvillo are a different breed. He is not in a class all by himself. There are many others....and some of them can be found right in the CFL both past and present.

Anthony Calvillo is the kind of guy that if you were in conversation with him you would feel like you were the most important one. You would forget that you were chatting with a top professional QB in a top professional league. That is who Anthony Calvillo is.

Well done Anthony Calvillo. And thank you!

Anthony is one of class; Great players on the O-Line/D-Line - reads defence well - believes in the coaches schemes in prep. Would be nice to see an Edmonton vs Montreal Grey Cup Final...a 3 peat is in the woods? You betcha..ect.

You can say that again on all aspects! Have had the pleasure of meeting him a couple years back and took the time to say hello and special attention to my boys even while he was with his own family. Class act all the way around!
And back in 2002, had his mother sitting right behind us at a playoff game at the big O. Same personna as Anthony.
Could not have happened to a better individual. Well done Anthony!

Un peu come Brett chose, là... Vous savez, là... la mongolfière...

This is one very touching and inspirational piece on Los Angeles Times. I had no idea how tough Calvillo's childhood was.

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great story. Thanks for sharing.

Bertrand Raymond just called AC the Carey Price of the als on

dude, that's harsh......right? :roll: :wink:

AC is not only a classy guy in the CFL; he is a classy pro athlete - period! I am proud that for once we see an individual who is truly a role-model to young kids playing sports. Anthony has epitomized what a great work ethic, being a good husband and father, an extremely dedicated professional football player, a student of the game, a courageous fighter, a humble individual, and a gentlemen can be!

Anthony Calvillo is a lesson to all pro athletes and to people who are not interested in sports. There was an excellent article published in the LA Times this week about him. Considering his humble and even somewhat difficult beginnings, his story is a compelling one. I sincerely hope that Hollywood is taking note. AC is our "Rudy" story! Hats off to you AC!!!!!

I saw that and it is the perfect example of how low football IQ montrreal's reporters have. For one he needed to make an analogy to hockey, couldn't say Favre or Moon, he had to get down to the only thing he's ever invested in. Two: If your going to use a hockey analogy at least use someone with comparable carreer. Wayne Gretzky, Brodeur, Roy, Maurice Richard.

There is no hope for media coverage in Montreal until the team starts working closer with selected media outlets like the Blue Bombers and Ticats do.

At first, I read Carey Price as Casey Printers.

I was gonna say, that's more than harsh. :lol:

Not harsh, exceedingly stupid. What has Carey Price achieved substantially for the team and the city? I may accept if he said Ken Dryden, though.

I just read that... and really... what an ignorant moron ! :roll: :thdn:

Nice to see everyone agree on something. Was Carey Price the Anthony Calvillo of the Habs last night? yeesh ouch. :frowning:

Je comprends qu'il voulait faire un hommage, mais Bertrand Raymond vient de démontrer une fois de plus que le ridicule ne tue pas. :roll: :roll: :roll:

Lorsque Price aura donné un bonus de fin d'année au complet à un hôpital de Montréal, on pourra commencer, je dis bien commencer à y croire. En attendant, Price a beaucoup de croûtes à manger, surtout sur le plan humain, avant d'être de la stature de Calvillo.

Mrs Ouellette gave me the heads up.

Anthony Calvillo is appearing on the french tv show (pre-taped i guess) 'Tout le Monde en Parle' this sunday night on Radio-Canada.