Anthony Calvillo named Alouettes quarterback coach

MONTREAL — Anthony Calvillo has returned to the Alouettes.

Montreal announced Thursday that Calvillo has been named the team’s quarterback coach.

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Let's hope he has a better go round this time.


Sometimes the saying "If you can play well then play, but if you can't then teach" In Calvillo's case it might be the opposite. We know he can play well but .....?

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Did this not go badly for him last go around? Surprised they would try this again. Better coaching team around him this time?


I would suspect that the difference this time around is Khari Jones. Now Calvillo has a boss that speaks the same 'positional language'. They might even complete each other's sentences like twins. Expect Calvillo to thrive in this environment.

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Everyone deserves a second chance. He's got even more coaching experience through Université de Montréal Carabin. I'll take the Danny Maciocia Khari Jones & AC trio any day!


He looked really uncomfortable on the sidelines in Montreal. Hopefully his U-Sports experience helps him. Never rooted for the Als during his time but hope this works out. He is truly one of the CFL's all time greats - maybe the greatest.


I wouldn't bet against them. Montreal is starting to show signs of continuity. They're no longer blowing up the team and starting from scratch every year. It's not a stretch to say they're only a handful of players away from a championship team. If they put together a better offensive line for whichever quarterback they choose to groom they'll be hard to stop.


Good for the CFL and the Als for AC to be involved in the league again .


Yes, but hopefully they saw something in him that said he can coach - not just a publicity thing

Thinking the Connection to Montreal U and that added experience must be why . They seem like a solid program .

Lancaster did horribly when he first coached with the Riders .

So many other stars I could name who did not come up the ladder slowly enough were maybe given too much too soon based on past field credit only and maybe in the wrong place at the wrong time .

Hoping too it's for the right reasons and for his future success .


Behind my Blue Bombers...I'm also an Alouette fan. And I was silently hoping for a Montreal-Bombers Grey Cup in 2021. Maybe in 2022. There's some good stuff going on in Montreal. You can see the foundation being put in place. I saw it happen here, and I'm seeing it out there now. When players want to come to a city, and start laying down roots...especially the Coach, you know you're on the right track. Everyone has to buy into the FIFO motto. That's where it all starts...when that becomes your team identity. Once you've got that Mission Statement as your have a chance to win. So, Go Bombers. But...go Alouettes, too!

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