Anthony Calvillo is a new V.I.P. of the CFL

Congratulations Anthony Calvillo! You got the 50,000 yards before everybody else.

Go als go

Vive la CFL! :stuck_out_tongue:

Um not before Danny McManus, Damon Allen & Ron Lancaster... or not before Dan Marino and Warren Moon if considering all pro football.

I believe what he means is, in the least amount of seasons

72,019 – Damon Allen, 1985 – Present
53,255 – Danny McManus, 1990 – 2006
50,535 – Ron Lancaster, 1960 – 1978
50,243 – Anthony Calvillo, 1994 – Present

He will be in third place reel soon

Just to understand is accomplishment:

It took Damon Allen 15 years
McManus 16 years
Ron Lancaster 18 years
Anthony Calvillo 12 years + 3 games

Go als go!

yes, but translate that into number of games, considering that lancasters was all 16 game seasons, and marino as well, and most if not all of Warrens.

And if you could, find figures for actual games playedstarted, that would even be more telling.

I think Damon Allen isn't really in the same class as these guys, but longevity has basically put his numbers out of reach.

This only takes into account 14,16 or 18 game seasons. It does not concider seasons as backup or injuries.

Damon Allen 268
Danny Mac 288
Ron Lancaster 262
A Calvillo 219

It is posible for AC to overtake Damon Allen in the 2011 Season, if he plays that long and if Allen does not add to his stats

A.C. doen't have the mobility to last that long. But what he accomplished in such a shot time,it's something!

I am very happy for AC. Personally, I think he gets way too much criticism than he deserves. He has a poor O-line and a below average receiving core (except for Cahoon) imo. Not much any QB can do under those circumstances.

Not the biggest Montreal fan, but congrats to him regardless. It's a huge milestone.

This is an amazing accomplishment, and proud that he is on my team.

Anthony Calvillo not only is a great player and leader, but a person too. Never turns down an autograph, interview, invitation or picture. He always answers every question, honestly.

Congrats Anthony!

anthony come a long way from crying on the hamilton bench. Got nothing against him now, but not much respect for him on that day. Way to overcome personal adversity Anthony. Thumbs up

Good research

Is first year at Las Vegas, when this city was in the CFL and is 3 years in Hamilton he only gain 3,000 yards. At Montréal he was for 2 years Tracy’s Ham backup for two years. Then it all began!..... :smiley:

Slightly off point but in his first year with Hamilton he lead the team in rushing with something like 340 yards...... :?
And you think they are bad now!

It was a miracle…

Hey congrats Pedro, I suspect there will be some sort of mini ceremony for him on Thursday ?