Anthony Calvillo Injury Report

RDS is now reporting that AC has a broken rib & a collapsed lung. He is in stable condition at Montreal General Hospital.

the collapsed lung is what I was worried about.

what a bummer.

I am not a montreal fan, but I want the teams I cheer for to beat a healthy cavillo lead montreal team.

BC beat Montreal? What year did you just teleport in from?

Do we have confirmation on the collapsed lung (I was watching Firefly)? That's not good at all. :?

My son had the very same in jury in a rugby game- I believe Calvillo will be able to resume playing in 3-4 weeks.

I wish A.Calvillo a wellness recovery.

...oooooh,this is tough one

...on one hand my human-sympathetic side is absolutely praying for AC's overnight stabilization and pain-free sleep, healing strength over the next few days and complete wellness in the appropriate time period..... CFL-side is hoping for a 8 week recuperative layoff.... Tony, it's what Mama would want you to do, you go back to work October 17th capich?!...

Dislocated rib is the injury.
Hopefully he has a full and quick recovery.

but is that really the way you want your team to win????

Does anyone really care how their team wins as long as they win?

I sure hope so. I know I do. If the lions had won any of their cups because of major injuries andor really bad reffing, they would mean squat to me.

If the 82 islanders all had food poisening and they had trouble even putting 20 healthy bodies on the ice, paving the way for an easy canuck win, it would have been so tainted I wouldnt want to remember it

I have nothing but contempt for the way of thinking that you are suggesting. Integrity, sportsmanship, how you win, etc, are way more important than the win itself. Thats why it really bugs me when players do things such as receivers trying to sell PI or that they caught a ball when they knew neither was true. If I had ended up in the CFL, I would have refused to do such a thing, even if it meant I was released. I think it is disgracefull.

Win with honesty, integrity, good sportsmanship, beating the other teams best. Thats the only win that has any real value

if the win is all that matters, why even watch the game? Just check the paper the next day to see who won

As much as my Als will miss him should the injury keep him out long term, I'm just glad that it wasn't more serious. Aside from the fact that he is arguably one of the best QBs in CFL history, he is also a devoted husband, family man, and a genuine class act all-around. I can't fathom what must have been going through his wife's mind when she saw him collapse for the second time while trying to leave the field.

Get well soon AC!

i grimaced when i heard this.

Sounds painful! :thdn: :thdn:

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yea I read today that it's just a rib bruising.. no other issues.

he may be back for their next game in 2 weeks.. possibly.

Here is hoping for a quick recovery for AC. We need him to be healthy so Montreal can at least take one game against Calgary!!!

I'd like to see them take both games.

AC will miss the Lions game and be back for the Ticats game the following week against Hamilton. Leak will start his first game in the CFL :thup: Backed up by Santos, Maypray and Brouillette.

Sports - Alouettes Écrit par Bernard Cyr Vendredi, 27 août 2010 13:37 Mise à jour le Vendredi, 27 août 2010 14:06 L'entraîneur en chef des Alouettes, Marc Trestman, a confirmé vendredi que le quart Anthony Calvillo ne pourra pas disputer la prochaine rencontre de l'équipe, contre les Lions de la Colombie-Britannique le 3 septembre au stade Percival Molson.

Le pilote montréalais a révélé queTim Maypray agira comme troisième quart vendredi prochain, derrière le partant Chris Leak et son auxiliaire Ricky Santos. Trestman a ajouté que Marc-Olivier Brouillette pourrait aussi dépanner par mesure d'urgence.

Calvillo s'attend, pour sa part, à revenir au jeu lors du match suivant, prévu le samedi 11 septembre face aux Tiger-Cats à Hamilton.

Glad to hear, I look forward to seeing Anthony back calling the signals.

Maypray is the third-stringer? :lol: :lol: :lol:

The man has hidden talents.

Anyhow, glad to hear that Anthony will be back relatively soon (I’m still not trusting that Hamilton date until we’re a lot closer to the time and Calvillo and Trestman unequivocally confirm his return).