Anthony Calvillo in the HOF!

Johnny wants to congratulate AC for his selection to the Hall of Fame! We all knew it was a sure thing, but still, it is now official:

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Oh yeah! :thup:

Congratulations to AC for being a Hall of Fame QB and maybe more importantly being a Hall of Fame individual!

Congratulations AC! It was bound to be and we all thank you for many seasons of exciting - and winning! - football in Montreal. I only hope Hollywood is taking note and putting together a script!

I sure hope that this will inspire all of your charges to do the same for the upcoming season!

Well deserved, greatest player in a truly outstanding class

Yup , it's nice to see a couple of ex -Cats make the HOF :roll: :wink: . Congrats to the entire HOF class of 2017 much deserved and kudos and thumbs up to each and everyone of ya's.......Calvillo :thup: Anderson :thup: Simon :thup: O'Shea :thdn: ( :lol: just kidding Mikey :slight_smile: you've earned it , here ya go :thup: )

Leblanc with a nice piece on AC: ... -1.4423045

Remember that 2010 Grey Cup? The cancer news came out afterward but only Scott Flory knew about it during the game. Pretty amazing. Way to go, AC. :thup:

Un honneur bien mérité et attendu, au sein d'une cohorte très relevée! Ceci couronne parfaitement la carrière du joueur légendaire et mésestimé qu'il a été.

J'ai bien aimé l'article de Leblanc, mais comme un contributeur l'a souligné, il y a un grand absent dans cette histoire tout comme dans le Temple de la renommée du football canadien : Bryan Chiu.

Curieusement, je crois que Calvillo n'aurait jamais éclos s'il était demeuré à Hamilton. Le fait de se retrouver résolument comme substitut derrière un quart établi en fin de carrière lui a permis de prendre le recul nécessaire pour donner un élan à sa carrière, et d'apprendre de quelqu'un qui savait transmettre son savoir. Pour Ham, Calvillo n'était pas un compétiteur et pour Calvillo, il n'avait pas à lui prendre son poste pour avoir le sien. Je dis n'importe quoi parce que je ne suivais vraiment pas ce qui se passait à Hamilton à l'époque, mais j'ai l'impression que de 1995 à 1997, Calvillo devait prendre la place de quelqu'un et pour ce faire, il devait être meilleur qu'eux alors qu'il n'avait pas encore les outils pour y parvenir. La pression que ça imposait a eu raison de ses efforts. À Montréal, il y avait Ham, et un certain Mike Pringle pour la partager.

I recall an early TiCat's game with AC as QB and saying to my self " that guys a dangerous passer," I felt threatened that my team was going to lose because of AC's passing. When he came to our team, giving Ham competition, I quickly started hoping that AC would be the starting QB. His character was very sound and, his accomplishments were super great. AC was A1 and, still is in person and, in skill.

He had a really nasty temper in Hamilton. Somehow that all went away and he always credits Ham…

I can just imagine the convo that Ham had with Calvillo…Must have been something special. Maybe it will be in his book one day. He had started writing it then he seemed to have put it aside.

Un vieux truc qui pourrait peut-être refaire surface...


Too bad the Als didn't use the same formula in his last two years to help break in a new QB who would definitely have benefited from the greatest QB in CFL history (and likely never to be surpassed!).

Yeah... and you would think that he would have been able to get through to Cato... I'm really not sold on him as a coach. He never showed any interest or aptitude as a player in fact made a point of saying there was at least five things he could come up with just off the top of his head he would rather do.

This is exactly why the Cato release still grinds my gears.

Peut-être, mais ce sera sa première saison comme entraîneur où il sera à sa place. Il n'aurait jamais dû être promu coordonnateur en quelque circonstance aussi tôt dans sa carrière, tout comme on l'a envoyé comme partant alors qu'il avait trop à apprendre du métier. Cette année, il sera dans une bien meilleure situation pour faire ses classes.

Understandable, but as yet nobody has picked him up; frankly surprising, but it *** may *** lend some credibility to the occasionally alluded to, but never substantiated, "issues".

Or it might mean that eight other men are idiots, too.

Most likely means he's hoping to get picked up by on an NFL practice roster. He's in no rush. There is no money to be made in the CFL until June 22nd.

In the midst of this difficult season and week for our Alouettes, let's not forget to honor Anthony Calvillo!

Thank you for your great career and humanity Anthony! You deserve all the accolades!

Great photo of a Hall of Fame player and Hall of Fame individual!