Anthony Calvillo: Great article on family violence

Found this on the CBC web-site (no pay-wall)
Didn't know Calvillo was this articulate & poignant, too!
Thought he was just a great northern QB who only raised his voice when barking out signals . . . . I'm a new-found fan after reading his article!

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Thanks for posting Lyle. Sadly this article will not be read by many, at least I would say, but it really should be read by a whole lot of folks.

That's a great read, thanks!

Really!! Okay lets talk about CFL. Calvillo for head coach!!!!!!!!!! hmm no.

There was a special leading into his last GC appearance that touched on this a fair was I believe a dedicated half hour to him. It obviously went into many of the aspects that brought him here and highlighted much of his career, but he opened up about this a little as well. He really got into the the 'if I had to go home' aspect and how it would change his life so much. HE also got into some cancer talk a bit as well as a BC lion player (sorry, name is escaping me atm) had a spouse dealing with it at the time and AC had really been there for him because that guy had been there for AC during some rally trying times in his life. Was a great segment as well.

Really great article