Anthony Barrette signs with RedBlacks

Promising young French Canadian linesman.

When he was with Montreal, he referred to Marwan Hage as a role model to him. Now he gets to play with the guy. Good for him. :thup:

What was the issue with him in Montreal. There always seemed to be some disconnect. I know he was pretty deep on the depth Chart but with Woodruff and most likley Florey done that bumped up Bomben and most likely I can see Matte evetualy taking that LG spot so...

Iowa finished up on New Years day and if the Redblacks can get McMillian under contract quickly they will be among the top teams in Canadian Oline depth.
Some teams wish they had that kind of depth and flexibility.
Also having drafted two true TE in Lavoi and Delahunt in the expansion draft as well as two sport player Tyler Digby a TE out of DI Robert Morris currently playing for the Vancouver Stealth NLL which is in the complete opposite season as the CFL with no crossover.

I watched some of the Iowa Bowl game while watching the Leaf/Red Wing out door classic. Didn’t see #76 McMillan playing anytime I watched. A couple of their OT’s, Scherff and Van Sloten, were All Conference Big Ten this year so it appears Nolan got pushed back to second string. That’s not saying he can’t be a good player in the Pros.

Also saw DE Conner Williams play in a Bowl game for Utah State. I thought he was a good average player that plays with lots of intensity and some quickness off the edge. Showed some good pursuit at times.

Kalonji Kashama apparently started at DE for Eastern Michigan and played very well, from what I have read. He could be the most difficult player for the RedBlacks to sign this year because of NFL interest.

All reports point to the Digby kid being a very god athlete, so he could turn out to be a real dark horse down the road for them. Maybe they will look at him at DE at some time instead of a TE/SB position where they already have Lavoie.

Barrette has the size and two years training with the Als. Could be a player eventually, but probably something the RB’s need right now which is depth for their Canadian Linemen.

McMillan losing his starting spot could play in the REDBLACKS favor as he may be more willing to sign with the CFL. As we know DI programs in big conferences have a wealth of depth at every position so would agree he stil has a great upside spending 5 seasons in the big ten.
Always the question for me at least is that can an NCAA OT be able to translate into a Starter at OT in the CFL. So far the RBs have J'M Deane who could be ready to make the move to RT fulltime provided that they have a Canadian who will be ready to start at LG. Deane did spend his SR year at MICH St as the starting RT in all 13 games I beleive.

Not sure if it means anything but on the REDBLACKS roster they have Marwin Hage listed as an OL and not a Center.
Krausnick, Eppelle, and Deane all seemed to have breakoput type seasons being starters. Although Deane was the ultimate Utility player for the Stamps much injued Oline I think we may see the RB's look to start a right side with Eppelle at RG and Deane at RT with Krausnick at centerto begin gelling the Right side of the Oline.
Could this mean that they will move Hage and his expereince to LG in the short run while grooming one of the younger projects.
At LT James Lee was drafted for a reason, although they will bring i some other import OT's, Should be Lee's job after spending 2013 behind Xavier Fulton siting on the PR with Fulton staying healthy lee had to sit.

Digby is a great athlete and will be mang a change in his Lacrosse position as well. A natural forward they will be using him as a 2 way player O and D So that could translate very well into aCanadian DE. If other draft pick Conner Williams can become a starting 3rd rotation DE would be huge.
Rush DE's are still an area in which Canadian players are still behind their import counterparts but we are starting to see more and more young Canadian DEs hitting rosters and rotating in while being great special teamers. Making the next step to a starter in the form of a Ricky Foley may well be on its way.

Today they’ve added kicker Nick Setta.

Been a while since we’ve heard that name, hasn’t it?

OTTAWA – The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League have signed Nick Setta, the first kicker under contract in franchise history.

Setta, a 32-year-old native of Lockport, Illinois, who played college football at Notre Dame, broke into the CFL with the Ticats in 2007 and made an immediate impression, being named a league all-star during his first two seasons.

In his CFL rookie season, Setta handled place kicking and punting duties for Hamilton, leading the league in scoring with 167 points. He also launched a 97-yard punt, the longest in Ticats franchise history and booted a 53-yard field goal, the longest in the league that season.

Setta had another standout year in 2008 by leading the league in punting average (47.4 yards). He also matched his long-kick reputation with another 97-yard punt.

In college, Setta played his freshman season in 2000 with the Fighting Irish and spent four seasons at Notre Dame. He kicked 46 career field goals for the Irish, the second highest total in school history, and holds the Notre Dame record by hitting at least one field goal in 16 consecutive regular-season games.

Import Kicker the first kicker signed and one with a successful track record. Before coming to Hamilton he played in NFLE
so he has a few years of game expereince before he hit the CFL

Good no risk signing. He hasn't kicked in a game for 4 seasons but if he doesn't pan out it costs $0, unless a signing bonus was involved.

probably was on Desjardins radar while in Montreal but not on Popps or Trestmans radar with do it all Kicker Sean Whyte.
After Swayze Waters and Ricky Schmidt's big legs helping their team to Grey Cup wins look for some other imports with or without ties to get some more serious looks for one of the DI spots.
Better Canadian players taking the roles as RT's, starting and/or back up RBs same with MLBs as well as teams like Edmonton able to mount Dline starters and rotation guys without using a DI for the Dline position..
Really only CB/HB/SAM LBs are spots where there are not any Canadian players where a DI is almost essensial as a back up.
Young Canadian DEs are starting to emerge in the rotaing capacity

The Ottawa Sun headline was so similar to the one they used for the signing of Barrette that I almost didn't bother looking into this.

OTTAWA – The Ottawa REDBLACKS of the Canadian Football League have signed Canadian offensive lineman Brendan Dunn.

The 6-foot-7, 300-pound, 25-year-old native of Burlington spent the 2013 season with the Saskatchewan Roughriders after breaking into the CFL in 2012 with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

He was drafted by the Blue Bombers in the 2011 CFL Draft, taken as the first pick of the third round (17th overall).

Dunn was a standout with the University of Western Ontario Mustangs, switching to offensive line after playing on the defensive line during his freshman and junior Canadian Interuniversity Sport (CIS) seasons.

He was named to the CIS All-Canadian First Team at offensive tackle for the 2011 season.

The RedBlacks like 'em beefy! :thup:

And they will get a real good one in the draft too. No matter what you think of the individual prospects. Opening training camp with 10 or so Canadian offensive linesmen with varying degree of experience is impressive.

I will have to say that they are doing it right with the signing of the Canadian Lineman. All have been in the league in some format and also like the varying of experience they have. I wonder where they stand with last years first round draft pick out of Iowa Nolan MacMillian.
Had a great freshman season starting mostly at RG missed all of 2011 due to injury. In 2012 was much part of the mix on Special teams with extended time on the left side of the line ostly at LG and LT during the season which ented in injury his SR season really no stats most likley had much the same as his 2012 season.
So he has the ability and on a big 10 football team with waves of lineman could favor the REDBLACKS with him getting little NFL interest but great training to be a good CFL OG

Ottawa has also added another Big Olineman in Brendan Dunn.
Former draft pick of Winnipeg out Western spent mostly two seasons on practice rosters one in Winnipeg and one in Regina.
Not uncommon for a CIS mid round Oline draft pick to spend time on practice roster Playing OT in university after swithching from the Dline spot still is learning the position and catching up with the pro speed which is a whole new level for CIS to CFL.
Although some higher draft picks can pick it up faster at times still a project is very common.
Now with Dunn and Barrette two Olineman who have already started there transformation.