Anthem Singer Preseason game (june 8/15)

Let me be clear. kind and also direct.

I gave up on asking to sing the anthem for the Cats after several attempts over two or three seasons years ago. Big deal right? True enough, except that I have sung it over 50 times over the last 15 years for the Leafs at the ACC. If you need me to prove it pm me and I'll give you the youtube info. so you can watch some of my anthem videos.

I am both a lifelong Ticat fan and for the last number of years a season ticket holder who offered to sing the anthem for free.

I sincerely do not say that in a bragging way but I certainly would love to have done it some time. For whatever reasons they chose not to have me which is certainly their absolute right to do but then they are indeed accountable for those who do sing it not just because of me but many others with experience who we know from this forum have also made inquires if not very direct offers to sing it.

I hope the young lady was nervous. The Canadian anthem is usually sung at a moderate to almost march pace. She slowed down to a very slow pace (which is somewhat unusual as people generally speed up if they are nervous) but the slowing down did not aid trying to work with the digital delay but probably for her made it worse which may have caused much of the pitch problems.

It is not remotely as easy as it would seem to be friends and if you think so with all due respect you would be very wrong. Most singers would feel bad for her myself included and a little perturbed with those who put her in that situation in the first place.



BINGO! And having watched one of the Leafs games earlier this year on Hockey Night In Canada in which you did sing the anthem wonderfully RevClark - I think it is a shame that the Ti-Cats have not asked you to do it here.

Take my word for it guys - RevClark has one great set of pipes!

can we close this thread already :lol:

also Rev, I’d like to hear you sing the anthem. please send me a link.


The Canadian National Anthem is meant to be sung in one and only 1 way..... any other rendition is horrible... and IMO disrespectful.

Sing your style/pace for a cover song, our Anthem is not a cover song, it should get the respect it deserves!

A very nervous young girl. :wink:

This :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

This topic is now 5 days long.
How much more abuse does this poor girl need to take.
It's over and done, cannot be taken back.

Can all the critics please move on?

And no, I don't personally know this girl.

This thread is bordering on bullying.

Agreed Lenny......lot's of jerks in here. Next thing ya know they'll be calling her nasty uncalled for names. Everybody should just quiet down about this,it's time to move on and close the book on this subject. Nobody likes a bully or name calling
Right Lenny ?

Not unless they DESERVE it... :smiley: ... and this young lady does not. :x

Nothing said here is offensive or bullying. If you put yourself out there in a performance you have to expect critics along with the accolades. Thats the nature of being an entertainer. I think it was Groucho Marx that said " You need the skin of a hippo and the sensitivity of a butterfly".

That was Mohamed Ali that said that wasn't it. :wink:

No, it was that bad. To those defending her age.... seemed old enough to know better. Can we stop calling (assuming here) 20 somethings "young girls"

To quote Men With Brooms regarding the same issue

"well that was borderline treasonous"

It was that bad...

would love to go back to the days when I thought 20 something was really old, but alas, they are young girls to me now and 30 somethings are young ladies

It was uncomfortable to watch. Good for her for trying though.

I agree. Too many posts are bullying both of our Anthem singer and of other Ticat fans in this thread. This thread is a good example, in the negative - ie what you should -not- do, of our forum guidelines.

So I'm locking this thread but leaving it up in case anyone needs to be reminded that life is too short to be a critic. To paraphrase a great old adage: "If you don't have anything nice to write then don't post in the forums"
Thank you.