Anthem Singer Preseason game (june 8/15)

Meh, it was on tediously long side and she couldn’t decide what key to sing it in. Pity cuz she actually has a pleasant voice if she could have kept on key. Anyway, she messed it up but it wasn’t the epic fail some are making it out to be, people are just meaner in the Twitter-age. I’ve heard worse at IWS a number of times over the years.

She certainly doesn’t belong on the Top 10 bad anthems :lol:

Among the funnier/embarrassing anthem incidents I've seen in person.

1 - At a Jays game - guy with a great loud voice - booms out the Star Spangled Banner - but starts it with 'Oh say can you HEAR. By the dawns early light .......'
I swear within seconds the entire stadium was giggling.

2 - When they had a kazoo band perform O Canada at a Ti-Cats game. I'm dating myself here because it was probably in the early 70's I think.

3 - MLS all-star game in Toronto. MLS All-Stars against West Ham United. Players line up for the anthems - and they march a Union Jack and the Stars and Stripes out on to the field. The PA announcer says 'Please rise for God Save the Queen and Star Spangled Banner'. No sign of a Canadian flag and no mention of anything about O Canada being sung. We're all looking at each other with 'WTF - No O Canada?' looks at each other and a number of people in the crowd Boo during the US Anthem - thinking Canada is being snubbed. (The game was being covered on ESPN and at that time Toronto was the only Canadian team in the league).

Only to have a Canadian Flag then come out of the tunnel after the American anthem ends and only then the PA Announce then say 'And now together sing loudly O Canada'. Well boy if you took a snapshot of the crowd at that point boy were there a bunch of sheepish 'Oops' looks - especially among those who had booed the US anthem when they though Canada was being snubbed.

What about the time that our flag was presented upside down. Here's the link to the story:

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Simple solution to the problem of having anthem singers going off cue and it's not just this young girl it's been many before her.

Hold an audition of local talent from the Hamilton area, I'm sure from one of the many High Schools or local Karaoke Bars someone has a good voice and can sing O Canada?

Pre-test your singers, make sure they have the right stuff to sing and let them go. Make it a contest, a new singer per home game at the end the fans vote on who sang the anthem the best, give them a prize and then they can be the new anthem singer for THF!!

Or just spend some money and bring in a pro with a voice like Michael Burgess who was from the Phantom of the Opera fame and sang at the Gardens and ACC and your anthem worries are over or the OPP Honour Guard fellow who sings at Senators games. You need someone to move the crowd but not to boredom?


Whether you liked what she did or not, (and I did not see it) it took great courage for her to stand in that stadium and sing.

Courage that I could NEVER muster.

And I doubt any of you critics could either.

I would do it old fan. :smiley:

I may not be any better sounding than her and maybe I would change the key as often as she did - but one thing for sure - my anthem would be over in about 70 seconds - maybe even less because if anything my nerves would make me sing faster. I can assure you it would have not dragged on for almost two and a half minutes like her version did. :frowning:

Why not get RevClark - who has posted here occasionally and has sung the anthem before Leafs games at the ACC. That man can sing.

Old Fan...

My own comments were made BECAUSE I am a singer and come from a family of singers.(Dad and mom were professional opera singers and my dad was a decent sized name in showbiz in the 50's.) If you are not a singer then you undoubtedly feel that it would be difficult to perform like that and so want to give the singer the benefit of the doubt. However, those of us who ARE singers believe that if you are going to sing in that sort of venue then you need to be able and prepared.

I would have no problem doing the anthem because my voice is still strong enough and its a powerful voice. On the other hand, don't ask me to do electricals at the stadium because I would mess them up. It's a case for getting the right people with the right skill set for the job.

If someone is just learning, they should start in smaller or less professional settings and test their skills. That's how I know that I'll stick to lamp and switch repairs on my electrical wiring at home and leave anything else to an electrician.

You can have your world with sensorship and pc garbage, I like the one where our right to offend ends at the tip of your nose.

If she did a sh*t job singing the NATIONAL anthem than by all means flame away!!

depends on her age.

Yah, you'd hope people wouldn't but I'd support their right too if they did.

as long as it is 24 HOURS AFTER A WIN. It's a rule!! :slight_smile:

So if I thought your spelling atrocious (censorship not sensorship) I should "flame away" at you? I prefer not to as it would be beneath my dignity to criticize those with weak spelling skills. It is not pc it is a matter of how one acts in public. Do you have no dignity or manners?


you have more than the right too flame away. if you choose!

now i may be offended but that's on me not you.

no where did i say i would flame away on the girl btw i just support the right too.


I did not say I didn't have the right to flame away. Having the right to do something and actually choosing to do it are two different things. Choosing to do so shows your character in not being a caring and compassionate human being. All too often people seem to take great joy and pleasure in tearing others down. I refuse to do so as I have a conscience which says I should not act like a jerk. This was a young lady who did absolutely nothing wrong that would give anyone license to criticize her abilities. Anyone who does so stains their own soul, and certainly not hers.

Well said, MFH

Hi Mike. I often enjoy your posts but I find myself in significant disagreement with you here and I WOULD like you to comment upon my analogy of the electrician.

Certainly in this case we are not arguing moral wrong, (unless the singer chose to disregard Ticat staff instructions and coaching on singing the anthem - if such existed).

We may also rightly disagree on the topic of whether the anthem is a "performance" - thus lending itself to significant interpretation by the singer - or an honour in which the singer is leading the crowd toward a specific end - that of showing respect for one's nation. I would guess that the singer chose to see it as a performance and that is certainly fairly common these days although I might wish it were otherwise.

But golly gosh darn gee whiz, Mike, she was badly off pitch and it was a result of her approach to singing the anthem. As a singer, I see that as being unprepared and disrespectful to the subject matter and context. Is it just perhaps somewhat harsh to say that I am staining my soul to comment upon this specific? WOULD you accept such a job from an electrician as being satisfactory?

I put much of this down to Ticat staff and the decision making process surrounding the singing of the anthem. But again, I have no idea if those folk have been trained or are qualified to make such decisions. Not everyone is. That's not a slam... it just IS.


you did put a question mark to your sentence "So if I thought your spelling atrocious (censorship not sensorship) I should "flame away" at you?"

and I answered by saying you every right.

the rest of your rambling I've already covered in earlier posts. just would like you to notice sir, I have not once said a discouraging word regarding this lady (granted I have not heard her sing the anthem).

what you choose to say is your right and I support it. especially if its offensive because that needs to be protected the most!

Hi Mark:


You are a professional and come from an environment of the same. Chances are, you are older, more experienced and, because of your parent's background, have a greater exposure to training and advise. Your voice could have greater development and skills, more polished.

I once heard a young, trained singer (late teens) doing a popular Christmas song that had been recorded many times by professionals. She hit the notes alright, but it sounded more like a practice of the scale, rather than a song. The tempo was too slow for my liking. It made me quietly yearn for the original recording.

Who is to say that this person who sang the anthem was not prepared, but simply got a case of bad nerves. That can happen, no matter how much homework you can do. Ask any athlete about the difference between practice and a real game situation.

I would say that comparing your background to hers is unfair.

By the way, I've heard many home renovation experts on television advise AGAINST doing your own switch repairs. But, that hasn't stopped me either.

I've put the fire department on speed dial.

Hi Mark. I agree with your analogy, but lacking knowledge of the exact situation (what experience she had as a singer, eg.) I would be presumptuous in assuming she knew her talents were not up to the task - just as you know your limits as an electrician. Certainly if she knew she wasn't up to the quality required, then she would be in the wrong. And even if she knew she was wrong to attempt the anthem, and we knew it, being polite with the criticism would be in order. My whole rant is related to people who were raised in barns and have no knowledge of the value of good manners. (I definitely don't include you in this group as you obviously were raised right). :wink:

It's pre-season for the Anthem singers too...

That's true. But to carry that analogy one step further - this girl was one of this week's cuts and she was not picked up on any other team's practice rosters. :slight_smile: