Anthem Singer Preseason game (june 8/15)

So..... anyone else remember Bleeding Gums Murphy taking five hours to sing the anthem at the Springfield Isotopes game?

happened again tonight... anyone know who that was singing it?

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She was awful. Way, Way, Way too slow and off key more often than not. Quite possibly the worst anthem performance I've seen in Hamilton and one of the worst I've actually watched live either in person or live on TV (streaming on Ti-Cats TV in this case where I watched and unfortunately heard it too.)

The only worse anthem performances I've seen were viewed after the fact on Youtube or something that were posted there because of how bad they were.

As required by law, every thread about questionable anthem singing must include this video:

That Poor Girl should NEVER sing the Anthem again that is the lowest point in Tim Hortons Field young life

To all posters to this thread,
You get up there and try it and see how you do.

This. She's somebody's daughter and granddaughter.

Yes, she is. However, this is an issue of Ticat staff. If a person cannot play football at the CFL level, they don't. Talent judges should be able to assess the ability of someone to sing at the stadium for the crowd. I'm guessing that this may have been a preseason favour to somebody.

I'm a singer. The girl wasn't coached, wasn't practiced in the style she was attempting to sing, and simply didn't perform to the level necessary for the kind of event. Unfortunate all around.

Hi Kerrigan. As in my other post, may I say that some of us might be quite willing to do that. Ask me in another 5 years and though I've been a singer all my life and I probably wouldn't try it because my voice is aging and I wouldn't be able to carry off stadium singing.

The issue isn't the skill level of those responding to the anthem last night but the skill and preparation level of the one singing it. Last night, sung in that manner, by that person, with that level of preparation, it wasn't good.

It could have been worse anybody else remember this epic fail ? As required by law, every thread about questionable anthem singing must also include this video:

It was a disgrace to our national anthem!
What is it with these singers that drag out their anthems (the Star Spangled Banner has been brutalized quite often)?
Is there a World Book of Records category for this?

The real problem with her last night - the speed. I can forgive somebody for sounding awful and off pitch because they are nervous or with the delay hearing oneself through the stadium speakers catching you off guard. But my main criticism is the speed she was singing the song.

Our anthem - when sung properly is a rousing song - one of the best anthems in the world. But she was singing it at the speed of a dirge.

It reminded me of two things:
1 - At one of the Bills games in Toronto they had one woman sing the American National anthem. Not bad - but a bit slow. Then another started O Canada. - 'OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO - Caaaaaaaaaaaanaaaaaaaaaaaadaaaaaaaaaa'. First two words took about ten seconds. At that point the crowd joined in - but at a normal speed - and it forced her to sing along at our speed - otherwise we would have been standing there for 3-4 minutes for her to complete it. It was one of the greatest things I've ever see a crowd at a football game do. All of us both cheering and laughing when finished. I did not time the poor girl last night - but our anthem when sung properly should take no more than about 70-80 seconds to sing. I'm guessing she was at least double that.

2 - I'm guessing she may be a member of the choir at the Cathedral Basilica of Christ the King in Hamilton. It has become part of my family's Christmas tradition to mock the dirge-like speed that choir sings Christmas carols at Midnight Mass on CHCH TV every year. Only they could make a hymn like 'Joy to the World' sound like a funeral march. lol

Anyone have video of this? I completely missed it.

8) And I bet that they are also embarrassed with that rendition of the National Anthem !! :lol: :roll:

After watching one of the links posted here, this video popped up next, for me, automatically. While the bad performance, or bad luck, anthem videos didn't leave me with a good feeling, this one really did. The little girl in Virginia has quite a voice and what happened when her mic cut out is great:

You know what?

If you can't say anything nice about someone, don't say anything at all. Good advice that we should all practice - it would be a much nicer world to live in.

and then we end with the apes running the planet while we can no longer talk :wink:

Could have been worse. They could have handed the microphone to you. That possibility could have emptied the place.

was she a young girl???


Bless her and her efforts. I bet she feels terrible today, especially if she's heard/read any of our "fans" rude comments.

Best wishes to her.