Anthem change issue

what do you think about this

Singer Jully Black makes small change to 'O Canada' lyrics at NBA All-Star Game (

I am ok with it

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Nope don't like it .. sucks

and it should be in all our sons command as well .


For real? why?

The lyrics are just fine .... the way they were

this virtue sjw bullcrap is just that it needs to stop .


I’m not sure why we keep playing the national anthems. I understand it when it’s country against country, but not in a domestic league where it’s city against city.



no biggie.

just something to get old stock Canadians up in arms.

seems to have worked at intended.


Nope.....She should keep her opinions to herself....
If she feels so strongly, she should give her house to an indigenous person and leave the country.....hypocrite


Anyone who had an issue with this is really more worried about being caught out with their deep seated racist tendencies.... Seriously think about it... Yea sorry for pointing this out but yea not sorry


Ok as in you think it should be changed or ok that she is forcing her opinions on others

Originally it was in all of us command and changed to in all thy son's command

Actually originally it was
Ton front est ceint de fleurons glorieux

As it was written in French and then re-written in English

Ok with the change, not sure she be the one to decide it, but I can live with it

She actually talked to indigenous people when she was assigned the anthem. She learned many put the anthem on mute when it is on given all the issues they have with it. So, she went through it line & line.

Her change actually corrects a factual error. I'm surprised it took this long for someone to notice (including me). I'll be singing it this way going forward.

Why would you be ok with...Its BS Look at me politics!
And again...Is she willing to give up her house? I am sure she owns land somewhere.....give it back or STFU
The song was written in French..
I say we sing it as it was written....IN FRENCH ONLY!

Or you it has been in the past where white people forced EVERYTHING on anyone who was not white life sucks when the truth is forced on you

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So then if you own a home....give the home and land back....Easy to talk aint it?

You do know that there is prob no land in the world that was not stolen from someone

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Hypocrite: a person who pretends to have moral standards or opinions that they do not actually have

She seems like the exact opposite of a hypocrite to me.

There’s way too many people taking way too many liberties these days.
Imagine the blowback had a singer changed the Star-Spangled Banner.


And how do you know what her moral standards and opinions are?

I agree with you about the words...They all take liberties with the melody

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there is a big difference in acknowledging a truth and unrealistic actions to reverse it.