Another year without a TiCat Grey Cup

Maybe its the curse of Simoni..

Curse of something…

Maybe it's just bad management and a poor start to the season catching up to them. Ti-cats were a decent team in 2019, slipped a bit in 2021 and crapped the bed this year.


No just not good enough. You know what that’s like.


The Tiger-Cats in the Bob Young era are a combined...

137 wins....182 losses...4 grey cup appearances...No victories.

An ownership group that when it took over after the '03 debacle was going to implement a "5 Year Plan" to ensure long term success year in/year out...I remember David Sauve saying at the time that if it can happen in Edmonton ( this was almost 20 years ago...) why can't it happen here???

We're still waiting...

Has the game day experience been better for the fans???


Has the ultimate goal for any sports team been achieved ( ie. winning championships)???

Nope...And I don't expect it will any time soon. Ownership and current team management does not seem to care about consistent winning. They do seem to care about "branding" and a "enjoyable game day experience"....


The Cats have been a play away from a cup win now a few times .

The ownership has put a competitive team on the field and put them in position to get it done .

They somehow got into the Playoffs this year with better football down the stretch .

Considering how bad they were early on

they seem to salvage the season .

In a league where everything can change in one season I don't see the problems as large to over come compared to the Riders , Elks or Redblacks season this year .

Ya they suck

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Just want a Cup for Caretaker so bad after all the energy and money he’s put into the franchise all these years and meanwhile previous owners jumped ship super early and yet were rewarded with Grey Cup victories

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Yet we beat your guys. Must be an extra level of suck to not even make the playoffs when you’re hosting the Cup. Gross. :slight_smile:


Must be an extra level of suck to be the only team without a grey cup in the new millenium :smiley:

Remember that time you guys didn't make the playoffs when you were hosting and it was because of Hamilton? And super classy to start a trash talk thread when your team isn't even around to compete. Lol. Lame.


I second that. I’ve said it recently on another similar thread. I would go further and say that a non fan of one team should not be starting threads for the sole purpose of running down another team. That should apply whether your team is winning or not. It’s just bad form, insecurity, bullying, trolling or a number of other appropriate labels. Worry about your own team. Celebrate if they win but no need to rub in a loss by another team.

I wouldn’t object to this thread being locked. It serves no useful purpose other than to agitate.


Just good fun jonny…

Im sure this post won’t age well for you next year

Must have been tough throwing out all those watermelon hats.

Hey, remind me… did your team make the playoffs?

I said the same thing about a similar thread started by a Hamilton fan when your team was eliminated.

This thread is about yet another season without a ticat championship… please stay on topic

I agree with Kmarch and Jon, this thread is dumb and bad taste. Its one thing for Hamilton fans to discuss this on their own board, but a Sask fan starting it just to rub salt in the wound is low class and unecessary.


On topic: This year that the Cats didn’t win while a laughably terrible Riders team that’s hosting the Grey Cup was eliminated from post season 2 weeks before the playoffs even started. Cats fans find comfort when looking at angry little trolls on the web because it could be worse… I mean, to not even make the playoffs in a host year? Gross. I’d be angry too.