Another year putting up with MRX crap

When will the CFL take its website seriously ?

1- Stats page is now abbreviated by team names vs city. Who came up with that dumbarz idea ? Alo vs Mtl....

2- Missing stats all over the place. One I spotted right away was the interception from Mike Edem not listed.

3- the Live game page no longer gives the option of the text version which allowed all stats shown on the same page which is much more useful when watching along with TV broadcast. I have no use for that awful interface that shows next to no useful information and wonky graphics.

This website has not been updated in over five years. Its time to turn it over to another outfit or for the league to get more control over what MRX is producing. PLEASE !

Totally agree on that count; CFL is Canada's game, NFL is America's game] it's time to upgrade this goo,goo,goo Bullcrap
On that note; I was checking the game tracker for stats during the Sask/Esky game and noticed the Riders had the ball on the 67 yard line :roll: like whatever...ect.

Personally I would like them to have the game tracker available on the CFL app for the iPad. (Don't even get me going on Sasktel's living in the dark age phone only app).

They should let TSN take over their website.

They need to do something because this is getting worse every season.

pm caretaker and ask him why he doesnt take care of it.

Well this is the league's website it is the online face of all 8 soon to be 9 teams. So it is really up to the league and all the owners to give the fans a website that is professional and functional. This is by far the worse website of all pro leagues in NA.

It would be nice if they put a little money into it. Looking at the copyrights at the bottom of this forum they are using free software that hasn't been updated since 2007. That's ridiculous.

You would think caretaker would care that MRX is doing a half-a***** job of the CFL site and the forums out of his own self-interest.

Also having a banner for some garage thingy in the prime screen real estate of your website really looks cheap.

…huh? gladiator garageworks is a sponsor of the league, they are a division of whirlpool, not some minor bit player…I like my garage, full of motorbikes, mountain bikes, welding gear, woodworking gear, beer fridge, yard tools etc…feels manly, like football

…I dont’ disagree there could be improvements here and there though

Look at the top of the page here do you see a banner taking up 20 percent of the screen ? I'm sure the NFL has sponsors too but they don't dominate the brand.

Use an ad blocker if it bothers you that much. Though, I personally turn off the ad blocker for this site because I want to support the advertisers for supporting the CFL. I'm not the least bit bothered by a lone banner at the top of the page.

Ad blocker won't replace the place holders with content or fix the layout of the site. I don't mind the sponsors but there is a time and place.

Probably because the NFL has a lot more money. Just saying...

...I'm sure the NFL's budget to run their website equals the budget to run the front office operations of the Toronto Argonauts, maybe even the entire football operations...our league requires sponsorship and sponsors require advertising space, the comparison is therefore invalid

...on the other hand, the CFL doesn't have a 'Who's Who in Jail this Week', so maybe it balances out

No we get them when they are released :lol:

yes, but as most of us know, it is caretakers company that if not doing the job right, so, as both a team owner and MRX owner, its on him.

I realize that part of the unofficial deal for Mr Young to own the Ticats is to give his company MRX the contract for the CFL web page as well as enabling his company to network into other leagues and events in Canada. ie Vanier Cup.
However it is time for the league office to sit down with MR Young and discuss the vision the CFL has for the now and the future when it comes to being in charge and having the contract to such an important part of the CFL in its multi media presentations.

You know what, so does having logos on the shoulders of the Jersey's. Are they going to take them off? Heck no. Apart from the stats updates, which I agree then need to have a better, more accurate system in that regard, the CFL website gets the job done.

I guess it all depends what your standards are.

I would be happy to even have what had 10 yrs ago.