Another year, another snub for Joe Zuger I've always said Marcus Crandell had the best year of any QB in 2001.

Anyhow I bow to your fandom..
This board would not exist without Ti Cat fans

Well you got one thing right .

The old person

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Thanks for the guidance on what I should say . :roll_eyes:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

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I don’t know about Crandell. But I do know that Zach Collaros was the best QB in 2019.

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Here are 12 QBs in the HOF : Brock (0 Grey Cups), Clements (2), Custis (1), Dickinson (1), Dunigan (2), Etcheverry (0), Ham (2), Holloway (2), Jacobs (0), Kapp (1), Keeling (2), Lancaster (2).

Keeling and Custis played more than just QB . I counted 22 QBs in the Hall. Cosentino is in as a builder .

Pat Lynch ( Zuger belongs in the HOF )


If some of you are that passionate about Joe getting his due in the hall of fame, why not contact the hall directly and find out more about the nomination and selection process. From my understanding of reading their website, anyone can enter a nomination form for a player, but it has to be endorsed by two members of the selection committee.

Has Joe ever been nominated? When was the last time anyone put his name forward? Has he been nominated and struck down a number of times? Are there any local members in the committee who might be sympathetic to getting him in?

Worst case is you send some emails and get snubbed or don’t hear back on a couple of phone calls. But at least you tried and you might gain a bit more insight as to how this process works. If anyone has actually taken the time to do this then I applaud your efforts.

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Sonny Wade is not in HOF i don't believe.

3 GC

Tied with Flutie and Damon Allen for MVPs