Another year, another snub for Joe Zuger

Firstly - Congrats to Frank Cosentino for getting inducted into the CFHoF

I am well past disappointment now, I am just angry!

The guy is now 78 years old and another year goes by that he is not recognized.

Snubbed is exactly what this is. >:(

Zuger was an integral part of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the CFL from 1962 to 1993 both as a player and as an executive. He demonstrated leadership and professionalism on and off the field. His football successes are numerous and it is felt by many that he should be inducted into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame in either the veterans category or the builders category, possibly even both.

Zuger played 10 seasons in the CFL, playing in five Grey Cup games and winning three. He was the MVP of the 1967 Centennial Year Grey Cup Game. He still holds the professional football record of throwing eight touchdown passes in a single game. He played offence, defence and special teams. From 1964 to 1971 he led the CFL in total kicking yardage including leading the CFL in kicking average on four separate occasions. He is recognized as one of the greatest CFL kickers of all time with an average 45.5 yards per kick. Ralph Sazio publicly stated that it was Zuger’s kicking that was instrumental in winning the 1965 Grey Cup Wind Bowl game. As a quarterback and team leader he threw for 12,676 passing yards, over 800 completions and 76 touchdown passes including a 108 yard TD pass.

A rumour exists that he has not been inducted because he was never a division or CFL all-star, however this should not be an issue because Zuger regularly beat these CFL all-stars. Also, during Zuger’s era the special teams all-stars categories did not exist as they do today, but if they had, then Zuger would have most definitely been selected numerous times. His achievements during his very successful and outstanding playing career most definitely qualifies him an induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame under the veterans’ category

When Zuger’s playing days were over he got involved in the management area of football for the next 21 years. In 1972 he became a scout for the Ticats and Hamilton won the Grey Cup that year. In 1979 he became an assistant coach and in 1980 the director of player personnel for the team. In 1981 he was promoted to the general manager’s position, which he held until his retirement from football in 1992. During his tenure as the general manager he was instrumental in assembling Tiger-Cat teams that won four Eastern Division Championships and ultimately won the 1986 Grey Cup Game over a heavily favoured Edmonton Eskimo team. What made this even more impressive is that he accomplished this when the Toronto Argonauts were predicted to dominate the east division by numerous media and CFL football experts.

Zuger managed the Hamilton franchise during some very tenuous financial times yet he capably dealt with the players’ contracts accordingly and maintained the football personnel necessary to make the Hamilton organization one of the most successful during his tenure. His low-key yet professional demeanour drew the respect from his players, coaches and opposing colleges. His stature as a successful executive, coach and one of the most successful general managers in not only Hamilton but the CFL qualifies him for an induction into the Canadian Football Hall of Fame under the builder’s category.


Grover, you’re so right! Joe has become the “Dave Andrychuk” of the CFL. I remember being at the game in which Joe threw for EIGHT Touchdowns against Saskatchewan. I sat in those old bleacher stands in the West end of the stadium!!! Too bad there isn’t a way to get a “write-in” vote for a guy who richly deserves to be in the HOF.

Absolutely agree Grover. Joe Zuger, for me, was second only to Bernie Faloney as “best ever” QB for the Cats, and he was the team leader through the glory years of the 60s. His three way play alone deserves recognition.

Unbelievable! I just assumed he would have been inducted decades ago and I’d forgotten. In my 60+ years of being a Cats and CFL fan he was one of the very best.

Cool Ramrod, I was at that game too !!

My first live football game, was taken there by my father and grandfather.

I’m very glad for Frank Cosentino. But I think it’s an absolute travesty that Joe Zuger has been passed over yet again.

Too young to know better on this one, but is there any chance he was always overshadowed by those 1960’s ticat defenses?

It’s definitely an injustice that Zuger continues to get overlooked.

Lol, I assumed he was already in.

Really puts into perspective what Halls of Fame in all sports really are about , not a lot to me a fan …

Joe Zuger for sure should be in …

Other than Illisec (a kicker after all) and Cosentino, there seemed to be a lot of “who?? moments last night. Lots of applause however, and I’m sure, well deserved.

Maybe we should get a brief bio handout so we at least are knowledgeable about why these fellows are famous enough to be in the Hall of Fame?

With all due respect to Frank Cosentino and congrats to him but wasn’t he Zugers back-up ? I realise that he went in the Hall in the builders category and good on him for his selection BUT I have to wonder just who exactly did Joe piss off enough to be snubbed for all these years ?

This is a case where the Ti-Cats need to step up and do more ,we have the wall of fame as do all the other teams in the CFL .

The Canadian Football Hall of Fame (not the CFL Hall ) will most likely never put Joe Zuger in there .

Ti-Cats can do more ,or does Joe Zuger want them to do more ?

Rod Black was chewing the cudd yesterday about this and that and all things when he mentioned this is the Canadian Football hall of fame not the CFL , forgot that , thought the ceremony itself on Friday was under promoted somewhat…

Hope Black never gets in the Hall of Fame .

I previously mentioned that I don’t really notice Hall of Fames ,better get back to that thinking…zzz
It’s for the Players & their Families ,power to them!

As previously stated, Joe Zuger had a career 45.5 yard punting average and as a defensive half, he had 16 picks. But it’s the quarterbacking position and especially success in the championship game, that should get a player into the Hall of Fame.
Granted, Bernie Faloney was the winning quarterback in the '63 Cup, but Joe brought the Cup home to Hamilton in '65 and '67, the year he was the game’s MVP. So what quarterbacks are in the HOF with two Cup wins or less.
Dave Dickenson and Tom Clements quarterbacked their teams to two Cup wins each, just like Joe did. Condredge Holloway, Joe Kapp and the legend, Ron Lancaster have only one big game victory each. Dieter Brock and Frank Cosentino never guided their teams to any Grey Cup wins.
Someone could look at Brock’s incredible passing numbers compared to Zuger’s or that Brock was the league MOP twice, but Dieter’s amazing arm never secured a Grey Cup win.
So there’s seven Hall of Fame quarterbacks with equal or less victories in the CFL championship game, and therefore this is an absolute snub!

Note: In 1960, Lancaster was a Rough Rider but Russ Jackson quarterbacked Ottawa to that Cup win.

I would have to disagree with this. Many of us might not like his style of delivery but he has been doing this for a really long time and has contributed to promoting the CFL in his own way. If he continues to broadcast CFL games for many more years than he should be awarded into the Hall the same way that Cuthbert or any other long-serving sportscaster would. Black seems like a genuinely good dude and for him to be deprived of recognition of his many years of contribution because he annoyed some fans would be rather harsh.

Are there any broadcasters in the CFHOF? (Not counting the ones who played the game)

There is an entire reporters wing there.Broadcasters like Don Whittman, PatMarsden, Brian Williams and Cuthbert are already in there. Rod Black will eventually also be in.

I guess I’m an outlier - I prefer Rod Black over Chris Cuthbert.

Rod Black has his quirks but can’t really complain about either guy since when they are on the air we are enjoying our favorite pastime. CFL Football. :slight_smile:

The only Hall of Fame that Rod Black should get elected to …

His Bust would fit right in with the other greatest Clowns of all time… ;D