another win for referee crew

every game that this crew does you know exactly who they are cheering for by the end of the game. They should be suspended and not aloud to do another game ever.

Crap Hamilton was the better team

If they ref the game silently, would that be acceptable?

...the refs had no part to play in the win/loss of this game....they called what they saw...

Just got home from the game. Couldn't see at the game exactly the penalty on Porter out of bounds, anyone at home watching, can you tell me exactly what the Stamps player did to get the roughing call on this play?

Welcome back, larry...don't let the door hit ya on the way out...

I think Porter was sliding out of bounds and the Calgary player flew across and leveled him on t he ground as his feet were already out. When he's sliding out, no need to send the guy 6 ft under.

Hard to fathom!

I didn't think it was a poorly called game. Refs can rarely be used as a legit excuse for the outcome of the game. One time its legit is the BC/Montreal game a few weeks ago.

Didn't watch this game, but I always find the comments on the refs interesting. I've certainly had my share of times when I've been annoyed by them and felt gypped. Everybody has - but I think that's the interesting point that's missed.

I've felt gypped by the refs when watching CFL games. I've felt gypped just as often when watching NFL games. And by the referees when watching hockey. And by the umps in baseball. And basketball - I hardly even watch basketball and I've been ticked at them on multiple occasions for bad calls. At least our refs aren't (hopefully) taking kickbacks. What about the line judges in tennis? Ms. Williams certainly felt gypped the other day....

All told, I don't think the CFL refs are significantly better or worse than in any other league. They have their bad moments, and they make some good calls. In the end, I think they're regular guys, doing a good to better job than most of us would if we didn't have the benefit of slow-mo replay. I was an umpire in baseball for a little while and quickly realized that I sucked at it, and hated getting constantly criticized. My hat goes off to those who stick with it despite the criticism, and do a pretty good job.

There was one questionable call(unnecessary roughness), but Hamilton was the better team. And I'm a Calgary fan.

IIRC they called the penalty because the Stamps player lead with his head which you can't do when tackling the QB.

The call at the end of the game was embarrassing and the cfl owes CGY. a apology. Porter slide head first, wasn't down yet , player never hit him late, wasn't helmet to helmet . The CGY defender fell over Porter.That was it ! There was another bad call on the drive that kept the go ahead TD drive alive. No contact at all on the receiver.
Ralph needs to be cut as well, he looked like a seal out there last night.

Watch the replay, Porter was sliding feet first outta bounds, defender leads with his head SMACK!@ helmet to helmet. Nice try though, you almost got these Calgary fans ready to protest.

The Stamps offence did squat all night. Does anybody think an extra 35-40 seconds on the clock would have made a difference?

Good point as well, even when they did get the ball back the couldn't do a damn thing with three downs. Again they got shut down. 1 offensive TD all night and that was because Porter fumbled. Then there was a phantom interference call against us after Burris throws and incompletion setting up 1st and goal on the 1. Free offensive TD there. The other was off a screwup by Cobb.Cobb fumbles, get's returned for a TD. Cobb's infamous for fumbling lately. Stamps were lucky to have even been in that one, they're O sucked royaly and they were playing to kill like that Argo's usually do.

It doesn't matter if their helmets made contact or not. You CANNOT lead with your head when you are tackling the QB. The refs have been consistent on that call all year.

there was a game earlier this year... i think it was an edmonton game, maybe against bc, not sure, where the safety came up, lead with his head, almost burried the QB... no call was made since the Qb did not slode feet first(at least that is what the tsn anouncers said). anyone else remember this, or did i just drink too many bud light limes that night?

I think I do, and the call is to protect the QB from sliding into head to head contact. Even if the helmets dont hit but the defender was leading with his head as the QB slides, that has to be called because that could easily cause a concussion if the helmets do connect. Porter was sliding, the Stamps defer did lead head first, kinda looked like helmet to helmet contact, but not sure, thus the flag was thrown.

This ia how the rule book states it;

(f) Using the helmet to butt, ram or spear an opponent, including but not limited to,
a passer, a receiver in the act of catching a pass, a ball carrier in the grasp of another
tackler or a ball carrier on the playing surface not attempting to advance

That being said, I didn't see the play so I am just going by how the posts on here describe it.