Another week of messed up power rankings

I also question the suggestion that the ability to scramble and gain rushing yards should be part of the equation. Two of the best QBs in the league (AC, Ray) are certainly NOT known for their scrambling abilities or for rushing the ball.

You make a good point, but I think we need to add some complexity to the equation. We need a formula that allows different types of QBs to demonstrate their excellence via the numbers in different ways. Calvillo drives down the field with an excellent completion percentage but maybe a sack given up, ultimately leading to a TD. Durant drives down the field with possibly a worse completion percentage (he attempts longer passes on average) but 0 sacks allowed (because he scrambles to extend plays), ultimately leading to a TD. Why should one QB be better or worse? On these drives, both QBs should have excellent ratings.

On the one hand, one can argue that a higher completion percentage generally correlates to longer drives, which keep your offense on the field and your defense fresh and well-rested. On the other hand, the ability to strike quickly (via the deep ball and/or inside the three-minute warning) is just as critical in close games.

Edmonton moves up to fourth because Danny M got fired. :wink:

My picks after week five.

Hamilton and Winnipeg will probaly trade places after this weekend.

Hey now, how are we behind BC when we just beat them? :stuck_out_tongue:

Our Defense is great?

i'd imagine these are the rankings EVERYONE can agree to;

1-montreal - currently the best team, but sask could have something to say about that this week.
2-calgary - recent win over sask, and only 1 loss on their record.
3-saskatchewan - easily in the top 3, have only lost to the team above them.
4-toronto - wins over calgary, winnipeg and bc.
5-winnipeg - wins over hamilton and edmonton.
6-hamilton - only win against winnipeg and plays them this week for the higher spot.
7-edmonton - only win was against the lowest ranked team.
8-bc - no printers, no chance.