Another Victory but we need..

Another good victory against Winnipeg and Congratulations Tiger-Cats but this team needs to close out games and I guess that will come in time with maturity?

The Cats build all their points in the first half take a 24-6 lead at half time and sit on it, you can't do that in the CFL because teams can pull back and score very quickly as we have seen in past games. The Tiger-Cats have scored like 8 points in total in the third quarter this year and that needs huge improvement to get this team to the next level.


I agree with that. They may have gotten away with a little snooze in the middle of a game against the Bombers, but that isn’t going to fly with pretty much any other team in the league - even the Als who have been getting their act together. They’ll need to stay on top of things and play a FULL 60 minutes in BC on Friday night. GO TICATS!!

Absolutely, the Tiger-Cats need to remain Hungry throughout the game and continue to score and build on a lead, all to often I have seen this team build a lead in the past and blow it or come close to losing and they don't have to and you are right we were lucky it was Winnipeg and not BC or Calgary because 24 points could get wiped out quickly just look at what the Stamps did against Montreal a few weeks ago, the erased a 24 point half time lead and won!!!

If I heard correctly the Ticats are 7th in the league in the scoring zone. That is where the offence needs to improve obviously. Second half scoring as others have stated which goes hand in hand with finishing drives. The defense needs to just continue to improve the pass rush and coverage as it has each of the last three weeks for sure which has been so much better.

I agree with you, they where dominating on offense and defense in the first half until the last few minutes, but then they started to get "tired" it seemed and they started to drop there domination. I'm glad they got a win but they need to keep there momentum all game and they will be a winning machine, although they are on a nice streak so far, and that first TD of this game was amazing! They where confused on what happened and it looked great. They have some great plays that will work 1-2 times per game, which they obviously weren't trying many times but I feel they will be situated soon enough, since they are also getting back injured players who have been out for a while.

Go Cats!

The scenario altered at the end game. It surprised everyone with the outstanding victory. Had fun to see the live game.